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This section provides an overview of the MFI - a couple sentences of background information about the history, outreach, and mission of the MFI. 

Deployment Overview

Goal of this section is to provide an overview of business goals of a deployment and proposed/actual schedule. This field would contain several sentences explaining the deployment, its goals, and how long it planned to take.  Could have a bullet point list of goals or a link to another page with more specifics.  This section would also include a small table summarizing details of the schedule.  If you’d like, could also upload status reports from throughout the deployment to share as a resource but not necessary.

Sample documents/files to upload here would include project plan, project charter, project proposal, list of goals, project timeline, milestone/deliverable sign-off sheet  etc.

Downloadable Content:

Pre-Deployment Analysis

In this text section goal is to provide an overview of the business process needs of the organization and how you conducted the deployment to meet those requirements and processes. It would capture what the major functional and business needs of the organization were and what gaps were identified and what workarounds and/or customizations were needed for the deployment.

A bullet point list of top 3 lessons learned/challenges overcome/pieces of advice could also be shared.

Sample documents that would be attached here are a needs assessment document, gap analysis spreadsheet, business process maps, overview of business processes, policy manuals, anything that relates to analysis of needs/requirements and how that corresponds to software requirements.

Downloadable Content:


In this section, provide an overview of what products were configured (savings, loans, etc.) and lessons learned in implementing configuration.

Sample files could include configuration inputs spreadsheet, roles and permissions worksheet, sample loan repayment schedules, list of products, etc. 


In this text section one could list their accounting package, and a couple sentences providing overview of their accounting processes, data that needed to be exported from Mifos, and how this integration was handled or proposed to be handled – manual/automated, etc.

Sample documents here could include your accounting report, CoA and Financial Mappings Configuration Spreadsheet, more detailed overview of integration approach, scripts used for integration, etc. 


Goal of this is to provide reference point for other MFIs of similar size/connectivity/infrastructure to see what setup and infrastructure others have used to successfully run Mifos.

This section would include a table that specifies the following:

On-site or hosted/cloud

For either approach, details of both the app server and db server could be listed here.

Would also include details of what machines using at branch offices, what type of connectivity being used, etc (i.e. Netbooks in field and branch offices, etc.)

Sample files could include a complete infrastructure questionnaire, listing of detailed hardware/software requirements


The text field would contain a bulleted list or a table containing reports that were used and/or built for the deployment

Could possibly categorize these.

Would also capture lessons learned at this stage.

Sample files/docs to upload would include report designs (.xls), actual report template itself (these would then be available for download by other MFIs in repository

Data Migration

This section would provide an overview of approach that was taken to data migration – historical vs. opening balances, etc, whether data migration was handled manually through data entry or automated through script, and most importantly lessons learned/advice to help data migration flow more smoothly for others.

Sample files could include an completed migration templates, scripts used for data migration, more detailed overview of data migration approach, analysis of migrated data, schedule for data migration, etc.


This section would provide an overview of how training was conducted – i.e. what staff, train the trainer or direct one on one training, etc and topics they were trained on.  Lessons learned and advice on carrying out successful training are important to capture here.

Sample files could include training schedule, training outlines, actual training presentations and materials handed out/used, training scripts, etc.

UAT & Rollout

This section would give overview of how and when User Acceptance Testing, piloting, and rollout across branches was conducted. It would also document lessons learned, challenges overcome, advice for rolling out and confirming mifos system meets needs efficiently

Sample files/documents could include completed end to end test templates, completed end to end validation templates, rollout plan and schedule, completed UAT templates, etc.

Post-Deployment Planning

This section would contain a couple sentence overview of support plan in place as well as lessons learned and advice for post-deployment planning and support.

Sample files could include support agreement in place, SLA, support requirements, etc.

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