Finding a Mifos Specialist


The Community Directory is an online marketplace to bring together MFIs and Specialists.  MFIs seeking support for deploying or running Mifos will be able to connect with Mifos Specialists providing support and implementation services.  List your organization to signal to the community you're using Mifos,  if you're already registered please continue to update your directory profile so you can share your Mifos experiences with all of us.

Listing your Organization

If you're an MFI considering deploying Mifos or an IT Specialist interested in providing Mifos deployment and support services, you should list yourself in the Community Directory.  As you become more involved with the Mifos Community you can further expand your directory profile. 

First-time Users

If you're new to the Mifos community and have yet to create a user-id for, you can list yourself in the directory by clicking the join community link at the right hand corner of the page.  Once you've created your log-in and been authenticated, please follow this link to submit your directory listing for approval.

Returning Users

If you've already created a user-id for but have yet to list your organization in the directory, you can do so by clicking the "submit your profile" link found on the home page for the Community Directory. 

Once you've created your directory profile it will be submitted to a site administrator who will review your request for approval.  You will be notified within 1 -2 business days if your request has been approved.    

Searching the Directory

The primary purpose of the Community Directory is to bridge the divide between MFIs and Mifos Specialists - through its convenient search tools MFIs seeking assistance will be able to identify and partner up with a qualified Mifos Specialist providing support.

MFIs, no longer must you endure costly support from far away time zones; as the community grows, you'll be have access to services of a local IT Specialist in close proximity to your organization.  Search now as new organizations are being added every day.

Searching the Directory

There are numerous ways to search through the Mifos Specialist and MFI profiles listed in the Community Directory.  Each of the parameters you can search the directory by are explained below:

To search, select the parameters and the click "Apply". *By default, all these search options have "Any" selected and will return all values unless more detail is specified. 

  1. Organization Name Box - Use this field to search organizations based on their name. (can be left blank)
  2. Organization Type - Use this field to limit your search to either only MFIs or only Mifos Specialists. Leaving it set at "Any" will return both MFIs and Specialists.
  3. Country - Use this drop-down to limit your search to a particular country.
  4. Region - Use this drop-down to limit your search to a certain region of the world.
  5. MFI Status - Specialists can limit their search of MFIs based on the status of MFI - whether they're seeking deployment support, ongoing maintenance, etc.
  6. Specialist Services Provided - MFIs can limit their search of Specialists based on the services offered to the community. Values include Implementation Services, Support and Maintenance, Reports Development, etc.  You can only select one option at a time. 

Search the Directory

Search Results

The sample search results below were returned when using the search criteria of India for the country. Results will be separated by Organization Type denoted between "Organization Type: MFI" and "Organization Type: Specialist"

  1. Name of organization - Click on this to go to the organization's directory listing

Updating your Directory Profile

Your profile in the Community Directory is your chance to share you organization with the entire Mifos community. 

  • Are you an MFI considering deploying Mifos but need to find a Mifos Specialist to coordinate your deployment?
    • Post a description of the services and desired qualifications you're looking for in your Directory Profile
  • Are you a Mifos Specialist trying to find MFIs in need of support?
    • Update your profile with your experiences and services that you can offer the Mifos Community.
  • Are you an MFI whose succesfully deployed Mifos and would like to share your personal experiences?
    • Update your profile and describe the impact that Mifos has across your organization.

These are some of the many ways in which you can use the Community Directory to help you connect with others in the Mifos ecosystem.  This is your face to the Mifos community so take your time in being as descriptive and detailed as possible.  Your directory listing is only as powerful as you make it! 

To access your directory profile to update additional information, you can click the "my listing" link in your personal bar at the right-hand side of the page.  This will take you to your directory profile, scrolling down you will see several options:

  • Edit your listing - see below for more information
  • Edit additional fields for this profile - see below for more information
  • Edit metadata fields for this profile - please ignore as changes here don't affect Directory profile
  • Change your location on the map - directory listings can be displayed on a GoogleMaps mashup but location but must be set manually on the map.
  • Add image - feel free to add your company logo or image to your profile (displayed on your profile - not the results summary page) - dimensions must be approx 200x200 pixels.

Editing your listing

From this link you can edit the basic information you set up initially for your directory profile.  The Overview field is very important to let others know who your organization is and what is does.   Please make sure your contact info such as phone number, fax, email address and web site are all up to date.

Organization Type-Specific Fields

There are certain fields applicable to each organization type based on whether you're an MFI or a Specialist. Skip to the section that is relevant. 

Information for Microfinance Institutions

  • MFI Status - Update this field to let Mifos Specialists better understand at what stage of evaluating Mifos you are currently at; this is a useful distinction to Mifos Specialists who can search through MFIs based on what their status is. You can select from the following options:
    • Considering Deployment - Select this option if you're an MFI interested in Mifos and evaluating if its the right option for your organization.
    • Actively Deploying - Select this option if you've made the decision to deploy Mifos and are seeking implementation support or if you are currently in the initial stages of deploying Mifos with a Mifos Specialist
    • Running Mifos - If you've successfully deployed Mifos and are currently running it, select this option to let Mifos Specialists know that you may be interested in support and maintenance services
    • No longer seeking Deployment (inactive) - Select this option if you've evaluated Mifos and decided that at this point in time it is not the right MIS for you and that you don't want to be in communications with any Mifos Specialists.
  • Number of Clients - List the number of clients your MFI serves. 
  • Number of Branchses - List the number of branches of your MFI
  • Operational Methodology  - List the lending methodology for your organization to help Specialists better serve your needs.
  • Need for Mifos  - Use this field to briefly describe any specific services you are looking to hire a Mifos Specialist for - whether it be you need to contract out a Specialist to assist with ongoing support and maintenance or the development of a new feature or configuration, post the details of the services you are seeking here.


Information for Specialists

  • Services Provided - Use this field to select which services you are willing and able to provide to the Mifos community - this is a searchable field so MFIs can seek out Specialists based on the services they are providing.
  • Domain Experience - Use this to select which industries your organization has experience in.
  • Current Mifos Users- List any MFIs you're providing Mifos services to including organizations that you've already deployed or are currently deploying. 
  • Contributions made to the Community - Here you can highlight any signficant contributions you've made to Mifos including feature development, custom configurations, improvements to user documentation, translations, etc.

The following fields will not be publically displayed; they are used for helping us to assess your organization and determine if your directory application will be approved. 

  • Annual Revenue - We want MFIs to have access to a network of stable support providers.  Potential specialists should have demonstrated a viable business and the capacity to take on customers in the microfinance sector.
  • Why Mifos? - Explain why your organization wants to be a part of the Mifos community, including your business goals, your social mission, and why your organization will be a valuable member of the open source community. 
  • Customer References - Specialists should have a track record of successfully implementing and/or supporting business applications for organizations, preferably in the microfinance sector.  Share the names and contact info of your customers who can vouch for the quality of your services.  
  • Company Overview - Please upload a data sheet, presentation or document providing background on your organization including history of your organization, your services offered, your team, your business approach, your customers or portfolio of work, etc.