Local Support

Deploying Mifos, an enterprise-level business application, requires both strong project management and technical implementation skills.  MFIs without these skillsets in-house should seek to work with a local Mifos Specialist. When seeking out a Mifos Specialist, you should look for the following types of expertise:

  • Someone to implement the software. In addition to setting up the system and configuring it for your organization, this person or technology firm will need to manage the migration of data from your old system, as well as train your staff in using Mifos.
  • If you’ve determined that you need to add to or modify features in the core software, you’ll want to select a software developer to write the code.
  • Once the software is deployed either on-site or hosted externally or in the cloud, you’ll need someone to act as a Mifos system administrator and provide ongoing technical support.

It’s possible that IT personnel within your organization can fulfill one or more of these roles, or that the same vendor can fulfill more than one role.

Creating a Network of Specialists

One of the goals of the Mifos initiative is to build a network of Mifos Specialists who possess the skills needed to deploy and customize Mifos for your organization. We encourage MFIs, IT professionals, and the community at large to help build this network by identifying companies with the required skills.