File Repository

All files uploaded throughout the site are collected here and categorized by their appropriate tag. This includes files shared by other MFIs in their deployment case study, templates from our deployment toolkit, and reports built others in the reports repository.

File File Description
Client History Report (.rptdesign) Displays basic client info and list of past loans, including number of arrears payments by loan for just one client.
GK Branch Performance Report (.jrxml) Performance per Branch (# of clients, amount outstanding, PAR, etc.)
GK Weekly Glance Report (.jrxml)
GK Weekly Glance Report (.jrxml) Summary overview of entire organization
Copie de Loans (.rptdesign)
Daily Cash Flow (.rptdesign) Displays amount received by branch and loan officer in a given day.
Sample Branch Progress Report Sample Branch Progress Report (.pdf)
enda detailed portfolio report Shows client details with list of past loans.
enda financial indicators (.rptdesign) Shows summary by time period of active clients, loans, groups, amounts loans & written-off, arrears amounts by date-bands
General Ledger Summary Report - Standard (.pdf) Branch level accounting report showing daily summary for debit and credit transactions to each of the GL accounts. Standard report shipping with Mifos 1.6 for manual entry of data into accounting package
Branch Cash Confirmation Report - Standard (.pdf) Statement of daily cash inflows and outflows from the branch is used to tally accounting books for the day. It is consumed by the management as well as the accounts department for tracking the cash flows of the branch. Standard report shipping with Mifos.
Detailed Aging Portfolio at Risk (PAR) Report - Standard (.pdf) This report listing all loans that are in arrears in the state, active in bad standingarameters and are in Active bad standing
Branch Progress Report - Standard (.pdf) Branch-level report management report providing a summary of active members, PAR, outstanding loan portfolio, and a brief staff performance overview.
Collection Sheet Report - Standard (.pdf) Operational report that is generated and taken to each meeting listing the expected repayment and deposit amounts.
Financial Reconciliation (.rptdesign) Operational report shows summary by time period of all loans disbursed; principal, interest & fees collected; and loans written-off
Government ID Search (.rptdesign) Operational report to search clients by govt id
Sample Nuru Reports (.xlsx) Simple mock-ups of general and operational reports to be used by Nuru
Transaction Details Report (.pdf) Sample Transaction Details Report (Mifos 2.0 | BI 1.0 Standard Report)
MFI Progress Report (.pdf) Sample MFI Progress Report (Mifos 2.0 | BI 1.0 Standard Report)
Loan Classification by Product (.pdf) Sample Loan Classification by Product Report (Mifos 2.0/Mifos BI 1.0 Standard Report on Pentaho)