File Repository

All files uploaded throughout the site are collected here and categorized by their appropriate tag. This includes files shared by other MFIs in their deployment case study, templates from our deployment toolkit, and reports built others in the reports repository.

File File Description
Configuration Inputs
BPM - Mifos Introduction (.pptx) Outline of the business processes supported by Mifos
Roles and Permissions (.xls) Worksheet to plan and map out roles and permissions of system users
Chart of Accounts and Financial Account Mappings Configuration (.xls) Worksheet to configure chart of accounts and map debit and credit transactions to appropriate general ledger accounts
Loan Repayment Schedule Sample (.xls) Sample loan repayment schedule
Infrastructure Evaluation Questionnaire (Hosted) Questions to ask when assessing infrastructure for a deployment in which Mifos is hosted in an off-site environment.
enda Roles and Permissions (.doc) Roles and permissions for system users as configured by enda in tunisia
enda (.properties) Customized .properties configuration file for enda
overview of enda configuration (.pdf) Overview and screenshots of enda configuration and setup
Mifos Accounting Issues (.doc) Outdated document listing Mifos Accounting Issues from time of Mifos 1.0 (2006)
Data Migration
File File Description
Excel Import Format - Active Customer Data (.xls) Excel format for database mapping for active customer data
Excel Import Format - Historical Customer Data (.xls) Excel format for database mapping for historical customer data
Excel Import Format - Office Data (.xls) Excel format for database mapping for office data
Excel Import Format - Personnel Data (.xls) Excel format for database mapping for personnel data
Jitegemea Data Migration Plan (.doc) Overview of historical data migration process at Jitegemea
Data Migration Template
Data Migration - General (Sample Data)
Data Migration - Personnel (Sample Data)
General Migration Template (.xls) general template for mapping out fields to be migrated from Mifos during data migration process
Personnel Data Migration Template (.xls) Template to migrate personnel and system users data into Mifos (with sample Philippines data)