What Will a Deployment Involve?

What Will a Mifos Deployment Involve?

A framework to evaluate how Mifos will work for an MFI and to understand what it would take - in time and resources - to deploy Mifos. An MFI will want to have their local IT consultant or Mifos Specialist complete this assessment.

Business Needs Assessment

Complete a gap analysis of the business requirements of the MFI and the Mifos system:

  • List functionality required by the MFI that are currently not part of Mifos functionality and the use case for the functionality
  • List the human and infrastructure resources required to deploy Mifos that currently do not exist at MFI
  • You can use this survey to assist with gap analysis in this process

Put forward a recommendation for any business process change required to deploy the Mifos system:

  • List recommended process changes with references to the existing process maps.

Evaluate Server Hosting Requirements for the MFI to deploy Mifos in its branches

  • Hardware requirements with configurations for server; map of these requirements against current inventory and a list of options to fill any gaps
  • Options for hosting provider based on requirements
  • Security and other requirements (e.g. back-up) for hosting and network architecture. Map these requirements against proposed hosting solution

Evaluate Branch Infrastructure and Provide Options

  • Connectivity and fail over options
  • Evaluate power resources and UPS options
  • Branch office computer needs
  •  printing needs and options
  • Hardware configurations and gaps in current inventory against these requirements
  • List the connectivity options including service details and costs
  • Evaluate environmental factors on power and connectivity

System administration resource requirements document (deployment, ongoing maintenance and user support).

    • List the human resources required to administer the system during and after deployment and their respective roles & responsibilities
    • Assess training needs.

Define Scope, Timeline, and Tasks for a Mifos Deployment

  • Based on the gap analysis, list the development (customization) requirements (if any) and high level specifications to adapt the Mifos product to meet the business needs of MFI:
    • Provide a high level description of proposed features
  • Meet several times with MFI business process owners to define existing processes as they occur in legacy systems
    • Document existing IT systems; offline and online procedures
    • Document ledger systems
    • Evaluate existing business processes, documents and vocabulary
      • new client documents, new group forms, other forms
      • vocabulary:  What special terms does the MFI use that will need to be accommodated
    • Document changes to business practices.  How will day-to-day activities change using Mifos?
    • Define and document offline procedures.
    • Determine Configuration Options
  • Define reporting needs for MFI:
    • Generate a list of reports required by MFI with priority (critical, highly desirable, not required).
    • For each report listed, include
      •  the data fields required in the report
      • the use case for the report.
      • format of data in report


  • Define the data migration needs for the MFI and propose an approach for this migration:
    • Description of what data to transfer to the Mifos system – data fields (or tables or groups of) and inclusive dates
      • Will the MFI want all or some of its historical data?
      • Will only active accounts migrate?
      • Will historical data for the active accounts only?
  • Identify challenges in data migration , for example gaps in data, dirty data, logistical challenges
    • Identify procedure for migrating data
      • Suggested method for transferring historical data to Mifos
        •  - manual entry?  migration tool?
        •  - estimated time for completing this transfer
  • Recommendation for allocating resources (roles and responsibilities) from MFI and Mifos Specialist for the deployment and post-deployment phase:
    • List of roles and responsibilities for deployment project teams
    • Identify DEDICATED PROJECT MANAGER to coordinate deployment at MFI
    • Provide STRONG PROJECT MANAGEMENT from Mifos Specialist
    • Post-deployment roles:  who will perform:
        • Mifos upgrades
        • database maintenance
        • daily maintenance
        • Administrative roles in Mifos
  • Create Training Plan
    • What training needs to occur?
      • Head Office Training
      • Branch Training
    • Who will conduct training?  The first round of training should be conducted by someone knowledgeable about BOTH Old and new business processes, as well as Mifos itself.
    • Where and when will training occur?
  • Draft project plan and timeline for the Mifos deployment.
    • Key activities, tasks estimated time to complete, estimated start dates
    • Resource, weather, terrain, holiday, and hardware delivery considerations included