Deployment Stage 5: User Acceptance Testing, Training and Rollout

Goal Review and test Mifos integration with MFI operations and prepare for organization-wide rollout - For Mifos to be fully utilized by the organization, it's important that staff are properly trained and verify that Mifos is configured correctly and performing according to their operational use cases. 
Time 8 to 10 weeks (Dependent on size of MFI)
Staffing Business Analysts, Staff for performing UATs, Trainers
  • Complete Operational Review and Mifos Configuration
  • Key Operational Reports
  • Data Migration (depending on strategy selected)
  • Draft User Acceptance Test Plan, identifying timing, resources and tests.
  • Execute UAT, covering Mifos Configuration, Data Migration and Reports.
  • Develop training for all MFI staff based on operational updates
  • Setup and configure Mifos, install reports and perform initial data migration (if applicable) on test server.
  • Validate Mifos installation on test server.
  • Test, update, and validate training, operational updates and rollout strategy with one select test branch.

Training Resources:

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Resources

  • See below for resources to assist with UAT. 
  • UAT should also be conducted for each upgrade of Mifos. Download this UAT Upgrade Guide for processes and steps to verify.