Deployment Stage 4: Data Migration

Goal Migrate data from MFI’s previous system into Mifos.
Time Varies, depending on selected strategy and size and complexity of source data.
Staffing Depends on selected approach.  Generally developers with database expertise, business analysts, and possibly data entry staff.
Pre-Requisites Complete Operational review and Mifos Configuration
  • No Data Migration.  Upon rollout open all new accounts in Mifos and run in parallel with the old system until all clients are managed in Mifos.  (Low Impact)
  • Only Opening Balances.  Only migrate client data and opening balances for all loan and savings products. (Medium Impact)
  • All Historical Data. Migrate all data into Mifos (High Impact)

(Steps are dependant on selected approach)

  • Review Mifos data requirements and identify any gaps in source data
  • Map data between current system and Mifos
  • Review, clean and update source data
  • Identify and select data for manual entry
  • Design, develop and validate any required data migration scripts