Deployment Stage 3: Reports

Goal Build suite of reports to meet MFI’s operational and financial needs..
Time Varies depending on number and complexity of reports requested by MFI.  For a resource with experience with SQL and knowledge of the Mifos datamodel, one week for simpler reports and two weeks for complex reports.
Staffing Reporting Specialist
Pre-Requisites Complete Operational review and Mifos configuration.
  • Review existing reports and identify which ones to replicate
  • Collect requirements for new reports from key stakeholders and build mock-ups
  • Review and prioritize reports based on operational necessity
  • Download and install Mifos Business Intelligence Suite which contains our data warehouse and standard reports in Pentaho.
  • Review existing standard reports and determine which meet needs. 
  • Design, develop and validate new reports in Pentaho. 
Resources View a sample PDF of each standard report in Pentaho or download this BI overview document, containing them all. Listed below are PDF samples of the BIRT standard reports that ship with Mifos.