Deployment Toolkit

Deploying Mifos

Deployment MethodologyThere are a number of ways to get Mifos up and running at your organization:

  • On your own: Your IT team can independently implement Mifos Community Edition with support from our community and the online resources available at this site. To get started, begin reading the Deployment Toolkit below. 
  • With a local Specialist: Want to use Mifos Community Edition but need help? Work with a local IT consultant who can deploy Mifos on-site or in the cloud for your organization.  Review the Deployment Toolkit below to learn more about what is involved in a deployment and use the Community Directory to find a nearby Mifos Specialist who can assist you.

Deployment Toolkit

Six Stages of the Mifos Deployment

Outlined in this section is our six-stage deployment methodology which has proven to be a successful approach towards implementing a Mifos MIS solution that aligns with your operational processes.  Feel free to use this as a guide to supplement your existing implementation and project management approaches. 

The presentation above provides a brief overview of the deployment process. Each of the links to the right provides more details of the work involved at each stage with corresponding links to relevant documentation sections that will assist you.  There are also templates you can download to assist with deliverables and milestones for each stage. You can also download this overview and templates for each stage all at once in this Deployment Toolkit zip file.

You can also use our deployment project pages which serve as live case studies of ongoing and complete deployments. Visit these pages to review the lessons learned and other helpful tools and templates used by other organizations as they deployed Mifos.