Mifos Specialists

Mifos® is an open-source platform supported by a global community of microfinance practitioners and software developers. In addition to this community support, some MFIs need the focused and specific support of an expert consultant. A vital part of Mifos' widespread adoption is the establishment of locally available IT consultants–Mifos Specialists–who can help MFIs by providing support for Mifos.

What is a Mifos Specialist?

A Mifos Specialist is a consulting firm that provides technical support and consultation for microfinance institutions evaluating and deploying Mifos, and for ongoing use and customization. 

What does a Mifos Specialist Do?

The Mifos Specialist fills three fundamental roles:

1) Technical Project Management for Mifos Deployment and Implementation

This includes a variety of tasks customized to meet the needs of the particular microfinance institution: planning the roll-out, data migration, planning and installation of infrastructure, customizing reports, and training users and administrators.

Click here for more information on carrying out a deployment.

2) Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Support includes ongoing system and database administration, and also planning improvements to BOTH meet the growing needs of the microfinance institution and to take advantage of new features in Mifos or infrastructure improvements.

Learn more about providing ongoing support. 

3) Interface between Mifos Customer and the Mifos Community


The Specialist accesses knowledge from others in the Mifos Community to scope requirements for each MFI client and to get the technical advice needed to support their individual needs. In return, the Specialist communicates to the Community progress made and lessons learned.

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Mifos Specialists may provide a range of other business consulting, technical development, and training services to meet the needs of their clients. Click here to learn more.

How do I Become a Mifos Specialist?

We are interested in building a network of local support for Mifos. We seek independent, qualified, IT service providers with a solid track record of implementing business applications and a commitment to our community and social mission.

Currently we have more than a dozen local technology firms actively providing services to microfinance institutions in several regions.  We are still creating a formalized, tier-based Specialist certification program to qualify and recognize service providers.  Until this process is complete, we provide as a resource a listing of local Mifos Specialists in our Community Directory.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Specialist or to create a directory profile and submit an application to be listed in the Community Directory.

Learn more about what skills are needed and details on becoming a Specialist.

Please see our Community Spotlight for examples of how Mifos is being used and supported.

What Support is Offered to a Mifos Specialist?

A central part of Mifos is sharing knowledge across our community; this applies to Mifos Specialists as well as to other community members. Utilize this Specialist Information and the rest of the online community to access tools and resources to support your clients and to share your experience and knowledge:

Mifos is community driven. We ask that Mifos Specialists actively contribute to the community by sharing experience and knowledge learned while deploying Mifos.

There is no formal training program for Mifos Specialists. Self-guided training can be conducted through the online materials in our Support section.  Any questions you have about the microfinance domain or using Mifos should be directed towards our community mailing lists.

Is there a Formal Agreement for Specialists?

Currently we have no signed formal agreement or commitment between Mifos Specialist and The Community for Open Source Microfinance. Being listed as a Specialist in the Community Directory does not express a formal partnership or affiliation with the Community for Open Source Microfinance.  Our directory is a tool to help MFIs locate possible partners qualified to provide Mifos services and support.

Mifos is an open source software platform and is governed by the Apache 2.0 license which can be found on the Apache website,www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0

The software and code are freely available to modify in accordance with the license.