Unscheduled Features


Below are features that have been requested or discussed by users in the community and are currently being prioritized. As mentioned above, according to our Community Feature Requests Process, we are working to bring these requirements into the product roadmap and upcoming releases. If a volunteer is passionate about an item below, they are welcome to begin working on it.

View our Community Features Request Dashboard which includes features being prioritized, and other enhancements and features in the pipeline. We'll maintain this list below as an archive of needed functionality that continues to get added in.

Functional Enhancements functional complexity technical complexity
New Products: 
- Insurance 
- Shares 
- Term Deposits

- Medium
- Small 
- Small

- Small 
- Medium
Accounting Tools: 
- Robust loan rescheduling
- Collection against write-offs
Medium Medium

Adjustment Tools: 
- Ability to adjust a single historical loan payment 
- Ability to adjust single historical savings deposit/withdrawal/interest

Small Medium

Data Migration Tools: 
- Tools for manual data entry of historical data 
- XML (or another format) support for automated data migration

Large Large
Accounting Interface: via batch file Medium Medium
Offline support: for Loan Officer daily tasks Large Large
Archive support: Ability to define rules for trimming database and summarizing data (ie, after N years, save only year end balances for savings accounts and archive savings transactions). Large Large



Support for additional lending models:
- Joint liability group (members of a group are held accountant able for loan repayments of others in their group; rules can vary, but examples include: group members can't receive a new loan a member of their group has a loan in arrears;) 
-SHG/Sacco support: federation support, intra-group lending, etc 
- Full teller-model support: Removing meeting requirement in Mifos

Multicurrency Support
Enhanced MFI Configuration Settings: 
- Data scope configuration (can a branch see data from another branch) 
- Additional levels of office hierarchy 
- Defining lending models by branch
Enhanced Product Configuration Settings: 
- Product availability by branch 
- Products by lending model

Enhanced Loan Functionality & Flexibility:
- Additional repayment options: daily, flexible definition (ie, able to define outstanding amounts by month), able to edit specific repayment amounts
- Support for multiple (trache) disbursements for same loan, balloon repayments, etc
- Automatic Calculation of Penalties 
- Collateral Tracking 
- Business Performance Tracking (can be handled via surveys?)
- Changing way loan cycles are handled 
- Linkages to savings and/or Shares: Balance and Ownership requirements 
- Configurable rules around early loan repayment 
- Interest due calculation based on actual payments 
- Payment via account transfers
- Tracking Guarantors

Enhanced Savings Product Functionality: 
- Savings account fees 
- Savings acct restrictions (min balance, min amount to receive interest, max withdrawal amount, max # of withdrawals, etc)
- Allow interest posting on non Gregorian Calendar Dates
- Calculating mandatory savings deposit amount on outstanding loans size (functional spec complete)

Enhanced Client Data Collection: 
- Biometrics collection 
- Clients can belong to multiple groups/centers 
- Codification of village/city/towns
Enhanced Work Flow & Permissioning System: 
- Configurable Work flow management tools 
- Field Level Permissioning 
- Ability to combine loan and client/group approval steps into single step, ie, create client/group/center/loan all at same time
- ATM integration 
- Cash Management Systems 
- Front-end POS devices 
- Payment Systems 
- Regulatory Agencies 
- Kiosks 
- Mix Market 
- Smart Cards

Enhanced Reporting: 
- Data warehouse separate from operational database, for reporting
- Batch extraction from operational database and load into data warehouse
- Support for deep analytical reporting
- Scheduler, saved reports, email notification
- Dashboards

Advanced Internationalization: 
- Right-to-left support
- Support for non-gregorian calendars
- Support for non Arabic numbers
Cash Management Support: 
- Includes things like track clearing and tracking, deposit tracking, bank account balance tracking and management of multiple accounts, etc 
- Tracking fund balances
Securitization Support: 
- Portfolio tagging at account level 
- Report generation
- Easy tools for "Splitting" a Branch 
- Ability to group clients into "Programs" (ie, HIV program, beggars program, etc) 
- Set-up Wizard
- Localization into additional languages
- Self-extracting Windows Installer
- Collection of structured data in "Additional Data Fields" 
- Support for variable/floating interest 
- "Cash taken to Field" added to bulk-entry
- Branch level holidays
- Moratorims

Architecture enhancements: 
- Application support for multiple DB threads 
- Handling concurrent login of same users
- Support for Clustering
- Support for Multi-Instance/ Multi-Tenancy
- Improve unit-test architecture: review choice of in-memory database, add ability to run independent sets of unit-tests, improve duration of test execution, etc.

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