Past Releases

Click the links to the left for full release notes on past releases. See Past Releases on the developer wiki for release version details. Below is a summary of major features in each release. 

The following are versions of Mifos that have been released.

Release 1.0:  Available to Mifos Lighthouse Partners

Release Date: October 2006

Aditi Technologies, an outsourcing development shop located in Bangalore India, was contracted to build the first release of the Mifos product. It was released in October, 2006. In addition to the code Aditi developed , the v1.0 release included a Reporting Module developed by MFTech and built using JasperReports and a handful of smaller features developed by our Contributor Community. The Reporting Module was a short term solution for Grameen Koota's needs. The reports module is being re-built in v1.1 using BIRT reports-- which is a more scalable and easy to use reporting tool.

See Product Features for a list of features currently available in Mifos.

Note that v1.0 was only being deployed and used in production by a small number of MFIs that are part of the Mifos Lighthouse program.  v1.1 was our first widely available product release for use by the whole MFI community.

Release 1.1: Enhanced Reporting Module, Poverty Tracking, Increased Support for Individual Clients

Status: Released
General Availability Release Date: July 11, 2008
Patch Submission Deadline

Feb 1 2008

Last day for patches intended for v1.1 to be submitted to the Mifos team for review.
Feature Complete

May 15 2008

All functionality is set. Only bug fixes left.
Schema Freeze

June 15 2008

No more database changes for v1.1
Project Code Freeze

June 30 2008

No further changes to the codebase expected.  Only P1/S1 show-stopper bug fixes would be allowed.
v1.1 Release

July 15 2008

Feature Set

The v1.1 Release contained a large number of new features and bug fixes.  The following is an overview of the new features of the release, including links to the functional specifications for many of the features.

Functional Enhancements

Increased Support for Individual Clients/Teller Model

Accounting & adjustment enhancements

Product Definition Flexibility:

Misc enhancements


    • Note: does not include support for comma as a decimal separator (ie 1000,00 instead of 1000.00) and does not include support for MM/DD/YYYY date format-- only DD/MM/YYYY date format will be supported

Technical Improvements

Bug Fixes

Release 1.2: Savings enhancements, important bug fixes

Status: Released

General availability release date: 11/14/2008

Release 1.2 is a release to address any urgent bug fixes or enhancement requests needed by our deployments.  Please see the release notes here.

Below is the schedule for Release 1.2.

Patch Submission Deadline

Sept 30 2008

Last day for patches intended for Rhino to be submitted to the Mifos team for review.
Code Freeze

Oct 24 2008

No further changes to the codebase expected.  Only P1/S1 show-stopper bug fixes would be allowed.
Release 1.2

Nov 14 2008

Release 1.3: Architecture and Batch Job improvements, Testing Framework, Configuration Management Enhancements

Status: Released 1 week early 

Release date: 7/23/2009

Release 1.3 contains the following:  Architectural improvements including re-architecture of collection sheet entry attendance and batch jobs, improvements to testing including updates to the acceptance test framework and addition of a core suite of acceptance tests, and other enhancements such as easier Mifos configuration management, Ant to Maven migration in the developer environment, and other major bug fixes.

Below is the schedule for Release 1.3.

Code Freeze

Jun 25 2009

No further changes to the codebase expected.  Only P1/S1 show-stopper bug fixes would be allowed.
Release 1.3

Jul 31 2009

Release 1.4: Collection Sheet Entry, Performance and Scalability  Improvements

Status: Released

General Availability date: 12/16/2009

Release 1.4 will contain the following:

  • update and fixes to submission of Collection sheet Entry data
  • basis for importing bank transactions
  • additional Performance improvements
  • upgraded version of BIRT, and improved support for Firefox
  • Spanish version of Mifos

Below is the proposed schedule:

Code Freeze

Nov 20 2009

No further changes to the codebase expected.  Only P1/S1 show-stopper bug fixes would be allowed.
Gazelle B

Dec 17 2009

Release 1.5: Currency-Denominated Loan Products

Status: Released

General Availability date: April 29, 2010

Release 1.5 contained the following:

  • Currency denominated loan products and fees
  • Interface to manage Mifos Shutdown and User Administration
  • Collection Sheet Entry Module performance improvements
  • Batch Job processing improvements to customer schedules
  • Search by Government ID

Below is the proposed schedule:

Code Freeze


No further changes to the codebase expected.  Only P1/S1 show-stopper bug fixes would be allowed.
Mifos 1.5

April 29, 2010


Release 1.6 (Shamim D): Scalability, Branch-Level Holidays & Moratoriums

Shamim D

Mifos 1.6, focusing on scalability improvements for Grameen Koota, was code-named Shamim D.  Shamim Banu has been a borrower at Grameen Koota for more than six years, using the proceeds from her loans to provide a better life for her family and her fellow villagers.  To learn more about Shamim and her story of triumph, click here.

  • Status: Shipped
  • Target Release Date: July 16, 2010
  • Actual Release Date: July 27, 2010

Mifos 1.6 contained the following:

  • Scalability support for up to 1 million clients
  • Branch level holidays
  • Loan moratoriums
  • Chinese version of Mifos
  • 2 new standard reports (total of 5)
    • Detailed Aging of Portfolio a Risk
    • General Ledger Report

Release 2.0 (Leila E): Question Groups, PPI & m-pesa

Leila EOur upcoming release is named Leila E, code-named after a client at enda inter-arabe, Leila Gharbi. Learn more about Leila's inspirational story throughout her time as an enda borrower.  

  • Status: Released
  • Target Release Date: December 21, 2010
  • Actual Release Date: December 21, 2010

The Leila E release is scheduled to contain the following functionality:

  • " Question Groups" Data Collection Tool
    • New module provides greater ease in capturing social and economic client data at various stages of your workflow
    • Replaces both our survey module and additional fields functionality
    • Cascading parameters, definition of acceptable ranges and ability to embed in workflow. 
  • Full support for Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI)TM
    • PPI Scorecards from 34 countries fully supported.
    • Support multiple versions of PPI and ability to embed into client and loan workflows.
  • Integration with Tally ERP.9, the leading accounting software package for MFIs throughout India.
  • Additional mobile money support for m-pesa.
    • Import loan repayments and savings deposits. 
  • Continued evolution of platform architecture
    • Improved Batch Jobs management through Quartz scheduler.
    • Spring Security framework fully implemented throughout platform. 
  • Ability to waive interest when prepaying loans. 

Visit the developer wiki for full details on the Leila E release and functional specifications for new features in development. 

Mifos Business Intelligence Suite 1.0 

Expanded reporting capabilties including new standard reports and our date warehouse all running on top of Pentaho have been moved to separate product release, Mifos Business Intelligence Suite. Release date for Mifos BI 1.0 is still being finalized. 

  • Standard Reports (15) - Set of 10 additional standard reports - operational, management and financial. 
  • New reports built on top of version 1 of the Mifos Data Warehouse on Pentaho. 

Release 2.1 (Elsie F): Early repayment of fees, variable loan installments, savings and customer service facades. 

Leila EElsie F was code-named after a client at KMBI, Elsie Saldivar.  Learn more about Leila's inspirational story throughout her time as an enda borrower.  

  • Status: Released
  • Target Release Date: December 21, 2010
  • Actual Release Date: December 21, 2010

The Elsie F release is scheduled to contain the following functionality:

  • Variable Loan Installments and Cash Flow comparison
    • Ability to create loans with variable installment periods
    • Enter and compare client's cash flow with debt ratio and repayment capacity during loan creation
  • New interest rate type - Declining Balance with Interest Recalculation - Interest is recalculated based on when the client pays
  • Early and Partial Repayment of Fees - ability to pay off client fees before the next meeting
  • Improved M-PESA Integration - support for importing disbursals from M-PESA into Mifos
  • Permission for adjusting only last day’s backdated transactions
  • Conversion to service facades
  • Improved Tally accounting integration

Release 2.2 (Maya G): REST API Module, Customized Labels, Multiple Loan Frequencies Upload Client Photo. 

Maya G (the 2.2 release branch) contained the last release shipped by Grameen Foundation and a series of community-driven maintenance releases led by SolDevelo. It was code-named after a borrower, Maya Devi, at Digamber Finance in India.

  • Status: Released
  • Actual Release Date: July 1, 2011

Mifos 2.2 contained the following functionality: 

  • Labels have been replaced with Customized Text 
  • Clients can now have loans with different multiple frequencies (weekly and monthly)
  • User Interface Improvements to Create Loan and Redo Loan workflows

Subsequent maintenance releases included the following: 

  • Viewing penalties in the repayment schedule view
  • New Mifos translation: German and Telugu
  • Allow question groups to be attached to Close Loan/Savings account
  • Complete REST API module for all read/view functionality.
  • Added ability to edit user's birth date and center names
  • Client photo upload functionality

Release 2.3 (Margaret H): Question Groups, PPI & m-pesa

Margaret H

Our current release is named Margaret, code-named after a client at Nuru Kenya, Margaret Matinde. Learn more about Margaret's inspirational story throughout her time as a a Nuru client.

  • Status: Shipped
  • Target Release Date: March 15, 2012
  • Actual Release Date: March 16, 2012

The Margaret H release contained the following functionality:

Throughout this release cycle, the Mifos Android client was also released and is available for download in the Android Market.

Visit the developer wiki for the release notes containing full details on the Mifos 2.3 (Margaret H) release.  


Release 2.4 (Vinolia I): Funds Transfers, Integrated Pentaho reporting, KopoKopo integration, Disburse Loans in Past, Approve Loan Ranges

VinoliaVinolia I celebrates one of the clients at Lumana Credit in Ghana. Learn more about Vinolia's inspirational story throughout her time as a member or the Lumana Cooperative.

  • Status: Shipped
  • Target Release Date: May 31, 2012
  • Actual Release Date: June 15, 2012

The Vinolia I release contained the following functionality:

  • Ability to transfer funds between loan and savings accounts
  • Continued enhancements to the GLIM module (pro-rating repayments across individual loan schedules)
  • Collection Sheet Entry usability enhancements
  • Loan Approval Workflow permissioning based on value of loan
  • Support for backdating loan approvals
  • Reporting Enhancements
    • Lightweight integration of Pentaho reporting into Mifos user interface
    • Additional Standard and PPI Reports
    • Updated PPI Question Groups
  • Data Tools and Accessibility:
    • Improved mobile money support through integration with KopoKopo
  • Technical Enhancements
    • Localization Cleanups to facilitate ease of Mifos translation