Mifos X


Mifos X, The Platform

Mifos X represents the next generation of Mifos - it is the open technology platform for financial inclusion to the poor. It aims to fulfill our long-term vision of a fully extensible platform that can scale through multi-tenancy and rapidly be extended upon through a clean layered architecture and full API. Mifos X is faster, lighter and cheaper to extend. The back-end platform provides all the common functionality needed for financial inclusion.  All these services are exposed through a RESTful API to rapidly build new front-end client applications for financial services to the poor. 

Mifos X, The Product

For you the users, Mifos X gives you a platform in which you can deploy various applications and modules to support whatever model you use to deliver financial services to the poor. Mifos X is lightweight, easier to use, cheaper to host and ready to extend. Flexibility is at your fingertips so please sign up for updates on Mifos X and try the community app at our demo site at https://demo.openmf.org/preview (mifos | password).  View the 2014 Product Roadmap for a timeline of major releases for this year. 

Join Us Now

Interested in contributing? Sign up for updates and to be notified of available projects and volunteer opportunities. 

Interested in being a pilot user of Mifos X? Join our program and get a free hosted instance of Mifos X in the Cloud. 

Who Should Use the Current Mifos X Platform

Building off of the first official release of the Mifos X platform n May, we've launched the official Mifos X Community App in late 2013 which provides full support for the most common financial inclusion methodologies including group and individual lending and savings.  The Community App can be deployed on-site or in the cloud independently or wiht the support of a local Mifos partner.  Partners or larger financial institutions looking to build out new products, modules, or applications on top of the platform are encouraged to do so and can either build their own user interface or use the Mifos X community app as a starting point. 

The Mifos X Platform should be used by:

  • Partners and Developers seeking an open technology platform to begin developing new applications through the API
  • Partners seeking to extend or localize the Mifos X community app to their region. 
  • Financial institutions of all sizes practicing group and individual lending and/or savings seeking to use Mifos X in production

How you can help

The core Mifos X platform has been developed with a modular architecture to support all forms of financial inclusion. We currently have full support for lending and savings and deepening our client management as well as expanding into mobile financial services and micro-insurance. The platform is available with a full API and is ready for developers to help extend the platform and build new applications! 

Client App Developers

Build on top of the platform through our RESTful API. The Mifos X Community App is built on the modern AngularJS framework. We're also seeking client application developers to help our MFIs build out app for the desktop, mobile, and tablet focusing on web standards like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (jQuery, jQuery UI) or through a framework like PhoneGap or natively on Android.

Platform Developers

Build the platform. Core developers with experience in Jersey, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA, Spring JDBC, Java 1.6, Tomcat 7, MySQL 5.1 who want to build out the platform and its helper services are needed. Past financial services experience will be helpful in quickly getting up to speed on the microfinance domain.

Next Steps