Mifos in the Cloud

So you want to use Mifos? There are a number of ways to get up and running with Mifos. Mifos supports the needs of MFIs both large and small - no matter how simple or sophisticated your IT operations are, our solution is accessible to you in a variety of ways.

You can install and implement Mifos independently on your own or with the assistance of one of our trusted local service providers we call Mifos Specialists.

Options in the Cloud

Businesses worldwide are moving their IT solutions to the cloud so they can focus on their core operations. All your information is readily available anytime, anywhere 24 x 7 with no technology infrastructure to maintain.  The Mifos community has a number of cloud options that can get you live on Mifos in no time. 

Set up your Own Cloud Instance

Mifos can run in any Cloud environment (Amazon, Windows Azure, VMWare, Rackspace, Google, etc.).  We have a couple conveniently deployable cloud packages that you can implement on your own.  We are continuing to grow this list so stay tuned for more packages.

Mifos Amazon EC2 Cloud Package

Conflux Technologies have provided a publicly available Amazon Machine Instance AMI for both Mifos and the Mifos Business Intelligence Suite. Getting your Amazon EC2 instance live is as simple signing up for an Amazon EC2 account, selecting the size of your instance and following these simple instructions on how to active the Mifos AMI. 

Mifos Cloud Foundry Package

Cloud Foundry is an open platform as a service that makes it possible to rapidly build, test, deploy, and scale applications in any Cloud environment. SolDevelo has created a Mifos WAR file that you simply drop in your Cloud Foundry Environment. 

Work with a Mifos Hosting Provider

We have a number of Specialists in the community providing services and support to host and maintain Mifos in Cloud. Please browse our listing of Mifos hosting providers to find a Specialist who can support you locally or wherever you are located around the globe.
Are you providing Mifos hosting services and would like to be listed as a provider? Please contact us to be listed.

Options On-Site

Implementing Mifos as a hosted solution in a cloud environment might not be right for you. You may have not have proper connectivity or you already have a large in-house IT team supporting your server infrastructure.
To implement Mifos on-site you'll want to download Mifos and then follow either the Windows or Linux installation guides to install Mifos on your local computer or a web-connected server.  We will soon have a convenient standalone installer package available. 

Installing it on your own Server

This is a great option if you are planning to make customizations or have an in-house IT team that is ready to maintain Mifos.  Aside from the Installation Guide please reference our Administrator Documentation and documentation on setting up your development environment if you plan to make modifications or customizations to the core platform. 

Installing it locally on your desktop

Some MFIs don't have a network connection or are simply a single-branch operation. While you don't get the benefits of web-enabled software, Mifos functions perfectly fine as a single standalone installation locally on your computer.
You will follow the same guides listed above to install Mifos in your local environment. If and when you are ready to take advantage of Mifos as a centralized system, just move your installation into a web environment. 
In any case, you can work with a local Mifos Specialist who can assist you in implementing Mifos on-site or in the Cloud.