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Mifos on FLOSS ManualsThe Mifos Online User Manual, powered by FLOSS Manuals, is current with the Mifos 2.1 release. This manual provides information on a variety of tasks you will perform once Mifos is configured and operational, such as

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Important: Before using this User Manual, please read the Configuration Guide and Functional Specifications to configure your Mifos  system. Many of the choices you make within Mifos depend on your configuration decisions, and some options may not appear or may be unavailable to you, based on the configuration.

This user manual can be easily updated, translated, printed, and exported to PDF or other format.  

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Other Manuals

SunGard Technology Services drafted a Support Manual and an Implementation Manual based on their learnings while contributing to the project and supporting community users.  The individual manuals can be downloaded and the majority of their content can be accessed on the MifosForge wiki.

Previous 1.0 User Manual

Our previous user manual reflecting 1.0 functionality is still available for reference.