Demo Mifos Software

Interactive Demo Server

For a more interactive experience with Mifos, please go to the demo server to test out  a stable running build of Mifos.  The user name is mifos and the password is testmifos (If the account is locked please try the following: (mifos2/testmifos, mifos3/testmifos).  We encourage you to create your own account if you plan to use the demo server on a regular basis.  To create your own account, click on "Admin" -> "Define new system user".

User ID: mifos | Password: testmifos


Mifos Business Intelligence Suite Demo Server

Mifos BI ServerTo see the full power of business intelligence in Mifos and try out the new standard reports visit our Mifos Business Intelligence Suite Demo Server. Begin by logging in with the user id, mifos and the password, testmifos.  Browse the standard reports folder in the lefthand column and select reports you would like to run. The BI Suite is running off of the database from the Mifos Demo Server so you can generate reports off of live data you're inputting.  This live data won't show up in the reports until about 12 hours later because the ETL jobs pulling the data from Mifos into the Pentaho data warehouse are only running twice a day.  To find some good data to report on, browse the Pasay and Parañaque branches or for loan officers, Lorenz Guzman or Sally Magalang. Each report will open up in a new tab, you can then select the parameters for each report and generate it as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. View the functional specs on Pentaho reports in Mifos for an overview of what each report does


Demo Instances in other Languages

The English demo server contains the latest functionality in our latest release.  On our test server it is possible to view Mifos in any of the languages that it has been translated into.  As of  October 2011, Mifos has been fully translated into Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Telugu. These instances are on our test server which contain the latest branch of code that is still under development and might be unstable. Visit our Test Instances page on the Developer's Wiki to see the available test servers which have alternate configurations including LSIM, GLIM, etc. .

Demo Version Language User ID Password
Mifos 2.2 (stable) English mifos testmifos
Maya G (unstable) All (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Telugu) mifos testmifos
To view the test server in other languages, simply log in to the test server and then in the top right hander, click the Change Language link. Please then select your desired language from the drop down of available languages.

Watch a Demo Video

Notice: Demo video still reflects Mifos 1.0 - use Demo Server to test current functionality.

The demo video below still reflects Mifos 1.0 functionality - to see the latest release of Mifos in action - visit our demo server where you can test out all the features in the current release.  For a brief narrated walk-through of the features and functionality of Mifos in Mifos 1.0, click below:

Video Demonstration of Mifos MIS software in Spanish