Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI)

Progress out of Poverty Index

As of the Mifos 2.0 release, our product supports integrated social performance measurement for 33 different countries where PPI scorecards are available. Along with CGAP and Ford Foundation, Grameen Foundation led the development of the Progress out of Poverty IndexTM (PPITM) to provide the industry a simple and accurate poverty assessment tool to measure social performance. The PPI is a country-specific scorecard that is used to determine the likelihood of a client belonging to a specific poverty level. A MFI uses this information on a portfolio level to calculate overall poverty rates. At the client level, the information is used to determine which products to offer a client or to track loan repayments/retention/recruitment rates of clients falling into each of the poverty buckets. 

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Using the PPI in Mifos

  • Download PPI Question Groups to upload into Mifos: PPI Question Groups are stored as XML surveys that you must upload into Mifos and then activate as question groups.  Download the desired PPI Question Group XML file and follow the instructions for where to upload in your configuration directory.

  • Activate PPI Surveys: Once these files have been uploaded, you must then activate the PPI surveys.

  • Collecting a PPI Question Group: Read through the user manual to learn how 

  • Reporting on PPI data: Mifos Business Intelligence Suite includes a PPI Scoring and Likelihood Tool that scores the PPIs entered into Mifos and provides a PPI Data Export that lists clients and their PPI data. Browse through this PPI data in a sample PPI Data Export.

See Also

The PPI functional specifications provides full detail on PPI uses cases. To learn which countries have the PPI available, please browse the PPI website.