Available Plugins

Plugin Description Download* Compatible Release Date Last Updated Test Import File
Audi Bank (Import Bank Transactions) Supports import of Audi Bank loan payment transaction via Excel (XLS) and tab-delimited spreadsheets Audi Bank XLS (importer) Mifos 2.6.4+ June 10, 2014 audi bank transactions (.xls)
M-PESA (Mobile Money Integration) Supports import of M-PESA loan repayments, savings deposits, and loan disbursals via  Excel (XLS).  M-PESA XLS importer Mifos 2.1+ September 11, 2012 M-PESA import transacdtions (.xls)

*When downloading always pick the "-with-dependencies.jar" file when present.

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Plugin Functionality

Audi Bank Import Transactions

  • This plugin supports the business process for MFIs that collect client repayments directly through local banks and input this transaction data via an online transaction file from the bank.  It was developed specifically for the operations at Al Majmoua in Lebanon but is a common practice at MFIs in Mexico and other locations.  Clients visit the local bank and submit their repayment along with their client ID and name.  This information is recorded by the bank for each repayment and is then downloaded via spreadsheet from the bank's website at the end of each day.  This functionality saves a significant amount of time and reduces the great likelihood of error when these spreadsheets were being entered manually. For more on how this functionality works, read the functional specification on Audi Bank Import Transactions.

M-PESA Import Transactions

  • The M-PESA import plug-in is the basis for mobile money integration with Mifos. This plugin integrates with Kenya's leading mobile money platform by supporting the import of an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet into Mifos. MFIs accepting transactions via M-PESA currently download a spreadsheet with a record of each transaction from Safaricom.  This plugin allows for the import and validation of these transactions via the mobile phone number of the customer.   Currently the plugin supports the import of loan repayments and savings deposits into Mifos (functionality for disbursals is forthcoming).  Incoming payments are first applied towards the current amount due on any applicable loans and the remaining amount is then deposited to a savings account. For full details on the use cases and functionality supported please read the functional specification for the M-PESA transactions import.  


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