Business Intelligence Suite

To fully take advantage of  Mifos as a platform for centralized business and social intelligence, new standard reports and reporting enhancements will be shipped as a separate product, our Mifos Business Intelligence Suite (Mifos BI) on Pentaho.

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Release Date: May 21, 2012*


Additional Enhancements in Mifos BI 1.3.1

Mifos BI 1.3.1 is a maintenance release that includes critical fixes of the following issues: 

  • Collected fees don't appear in Due Vs Collected Branch Report, Due Vs Collected Center Report and Due Vs Collected Loan Officer Report
  • Incremental ETL doesn't process personnel entries correctly
  • Some groups not appearing in Groups Information Report
  • Some overdue payments don't appear in Overdue mature loans Report

Moreover, in this Mifos BI version a new report has been added - Loan Ageing Report.

Visit the Mifos BI 1.3.1 release notes on MifosForge for more details.  

You can try out all 36 of the Mifos BI reports on our BI Demo Server or view a PDF sample of each report.  Browse the master list of reports to see a full list of the new reports

See it in Action:

Previous Releases

Features in Mifos BI 1.3

Release Date - July 15, 2011

Mifos BI 1.3 contains improvements allowing an incremental ETL job to update the data warehouse. Visit the Mifos BI 1.3 release notes on MifosForge for more details.

Features in Mifos BI 1.2

Release Date - May 25, 2011

Version 1.2 of the Mifos Business Intelligence Suite now contains 36 Pentaho standard reports (and 5 BIRT reports) including the following additions:

  • 16 new standard reports including Active Loans Reports, Dormant Clients Summary, and other reports on Loan Statuses
  • Our first dashboard showing collections and disbursals due for the day. 
  • Improvements to the Center Collection Sheet. 

Visit the Mifos BI 1.2 release notes on MifosForge for more details.  

Features in Mifos BI 1.1

Release Date - February 17, 2011

  • 10 additional standard reports including:
    • Operational Reports such as Balance Outstanding, Group Collection Sheet, and Loans to be Disbursed Reports
    • Management Reports like Client Exit Report and the PPI Data Export
  • Enhancements to the existing Loan Officer Performance and Due vs. Collected reports

Features in Mifos BI 1.0 

Release Date - Jan 25, 2011

Version 1.0 of the Mifos Business Intelligence Suite will contain the following:

  • 10 new standard reports* including:
    • Operational Reports such as the Transaction Report, Funder Report, and Due vs Collected Report
    • Management Reports such as the organization-wide MFI Progress Report and the Loan Officer Detailed Report
  • Version 1 of the Mifos Data Warehouse on Pentaho for improved performance and ease of creating reports
    • Data warehouse reduces number of tables from 200+  to about 20 for ease of building complex reports.
    • Flexibility to schedule ETL and when reports are generated.
  • Ability to export reports to PDF and Excel

Visit the Mifos BI 1.0 release notes on MifosForge for more details. 

*We would like to highlight that we have documented and tested this release for Mifos Cloud customers only, which runs on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. If you are deploying this release on your own, please be sure to read all documentation and do full testing of the ETL and reports. There may be some issues with the Data Warehouse if your Mifos instance contains migrated data. As always, please email the mailing lists with any questions.

Remaining standard reports currently in BIRT will gradually be converted to Pentaho.