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Mifos Community Edition is our award-winning open source technology platform for microfinance. Built on leading open source technologies, it provides the flexibility and capacity for MFIs to scale. It is freely available to download and install on your own or with the support of a local Specialist. Grameen Foundation guides the core development of Mifos while our global community supports and extends it worldwide. The Mifos X platform is next generation of our Mifos software which has been completely re-architected and re-written from the ground-up. Mifos X is designed as a true platform containing all the back-end services for financial inclusion fully exposed through a RESTful API allowing others to rapidly build new applications to serve the poor. This clean layered, multi-tenant architecture is lightweight, modular, and ready for the cloud providing the extensibility and scalability for our community to grow. Mifos AndroidTM Client is a mobile version of Mifos providing full access to the platform anywhere you have a mobile data connection. This application puts the full power of Mifos into the hands of your loan officers allowing them to view clients, transactions histories, apply payments, and more. Mifos Android Client is developed and maintained by SolDevelo in Poland and is freely available to download in the Android Market.