Volunteer with Mifos in 2014

Would you like to help change the world? Did you know that you can volunteer your time to help build technology that has the potential to lift billions from poverty?

At the Mifos Initiative, we guide the development of Mifos X, an open-source cloud-based platform for delivering financial services to the poor. We use open source technology and the power of community to scale financial inclusion worldwide to achieve our shared vision of creating a world of 3 Billion Maries, a world where each individual has access to the financial services to create a better life for themself and their family.  We connect the on-the-ground organizations serving the base of the pyramid with open source contributors building applications on top of the platform to enable financial inclusion to the poor.

We launched Mifos X in 2013 and in 2014, we’re setting out to massively scale the adoption of Mifos X - we cannot do it alone and we are seeking volunteers from all backgrounds to join our community.  Whether you’re technical or non-technical, we need bold and passionate volunteers to be a key part of executing on every strategic objective of our mission.


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