Digamber Finance - India

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In Production
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Amit Jain

Digamber Finance (Digamber Capfin Ltd - DCL) is a regulated Non-Banking Financial Company providing financial and support services to the marginalised sections in society, particularly to poor rural and urban women. DCL's main focus is on the ultra poor, helping drive their capacity to become entrepreneurs with training, capital, and marketing to establish their business to become an entrepreneur, we help them (Training, Capital and Marketing) to establish their business to generate a regular monthly income.  Digamber Finance keeps its costs of serving the poor low by effectively using technology and uphold crisp and tightly structured business processes.  Recognizing Mifos as a modern technology platform that could propel their growth, they began deploying Mifos independently through our community before transitioning to Grameen Foundation's Mifos Cloud offering.  As a Mifos Cloud customer, they now have access to the latest technology providing them real-time information to manage their business pro-actively.  Conflux Technologies took over support following the transition and have been helping Digamber manage their growth beyond 20,000 clients. 

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