Nuru International - Kuria, Kenya

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In Production
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Vivian Lu/Rebecca Herrington
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Fanon Gikonyo/Nayan Ambali

Nuru International empowers communities in remote rural areas to lift themselves out of extreme poverty in 5 years, leaving behind a sustainable model that continues to scale to neighboring districts to eventually have national level impact. Two program areas in Nuru's integrated development model are Agriculture and Community Economic Development, which provide rural financial services, including micro-loans and group savings, to over 3,515 Nuru members in Kuria district, Nyanza province. Nuru is using Mifos’ world-class management information system (MIS) to effectively manage and scale our rural financial services. During the time since they've been using Mifos, they've nearly tripled in size.  Nuru is now supported remotely by Conflux Technologies in the Amazon EC2 cloud.

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