Fantsuam Foundation - Kafanchan, Nigeria

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In Progress
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Gayl Kennedy

Fantsuam Foundation based in Kafanchan, Nigeria was established in 1996 and commenced micro-finance operations in the Grameen model in 2001. Fantsuam's mission is to eliminate poverty and disadvantage through integrated development programmes which include health, ICT training, HIV/AIDS, national volunteering, cyber cafe and internet service provider and business development services, including microfinance and business development services training. Currently Fantsuam has five field officers supporting almost 1,000 active group loan clients across 80 centres, 50 individual loan clients, and more than 400 individuals with savings accounts.  All loan clients receive health, HIV/AIDS and business development services training. Fantsuam Foundation has worked with over 15,000 clients since it started.  As part of its Organizational Development review, Fantsuam decided to deploy Mifos to manage their operations which were all being tracked by paper and spreadsheets.  Deployment is independently being led by Gayl Kennedy, a VSO volunteer, and Kelechi Michaels, Program Operations Manager.

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