Magnus Consulting

Soham and his colleagues at Magnus Consulting have been a superb example of the organic growth and participation we seek in the Mifos community.  Since discovering Mifos while seeking open source solutions for their clients, they're leading the deployment of Mifos at a number of MFIs.

Magnus Consulting was the first external contributor from the community to submit a new feature into Mifos 1.1.  To fill one of the gaps for their Mifos deployments, they needed to create a new interest rate calculation methodology for Mifos, Declining Balance Interest with Equal Principal Installments.  Following our feature request and code submission process, they wrote the functional specifications, coded the feature, and submitted the patch for inclusion into Mifos 1.1.  

Additionally Soham has been a valuable source of peer support and architectural planning through our mailing list.  He’s contributed significantly to a variety of discussion helping to identify and fix bugs, deploy Mifos more successfully, and architect the product more robustly.  Looking towards the future, Soham along with Magnus Consulting are seeking to contribute towards the Nepali localization of Mifos.

Currently Magnus is deploying Mifos at Manushi and Nerudo and is looking to provide services to other interest institutions across Nepal and South Asia. 

Soham like many others is driven by a goal of empowering the poor through microfinance - "working to get a technology like Mifos into MFIs that serve the worlds poor is indeed rewarding, and at the end of the day, for most of us, this is what keeps us motivated."  He's provided the following tips for community interaction:

Tips for MFIs
1. Select a dedicated independent provider or staff person to manage process 
2. Set clear expectations among management and staff.
3. Become actively involved in the Mifos community forums.

Tips for IT firms
1. Devote ample time to pre-planning and educating the MFI about the process..
2. Be agile as everything from connectivity to external issues can affect deployment
3. Work closely with the Mifos community and the GF team.