Frequently Asked Questions - Specialists

Mifos Specialists have the same access to support as any other community member.  Ask questions on the technical and user mailing lists.  Browse our documentation and share your advice.  One of the best ways to overcome challenges is knowledge sharing amongst fellow Specialists - browse the deployment case studies or don’t hesitate to reach out to other Specialists with questions you might have.

Browse through the local directory to see MFIs that have specifically requested Mifos services. Contact your local microfinance association who can provide you the contact information of local organizations. Please browse the Marketing Toolkit for resources to help you promote Mifos. An effective technique is gathering local MFIs together in a workshop format to discuss and promote Mifos.  See Find MFIs Needing Service for more tips and advice.

Training for Mifos is self-guided.  The deployment toolkit is a great resource to understand all the stages of a Mifos deployment and how this fits in your project management approach. The Mifos functional specifications serve as a functional primer on Mifos - documenting everything it’s capable of and how it’s configured.  The user manual provides a step by step guide to use each feature in Mifos. All specialists need to have strong project management practices, good expertise in deploying web-based business applications and working knowledge of microfinance and its business processes.  To extend your microfinance domain knowledge, Microsave is a valuable resource.

There is no cost to be a Mifos Specialist or to be listed in the directory. However, building a successful Specialist business requires upfront investment of time and resources to learn and understand Mifos, develop a business and support model, and identify MFis needing service.

There is no fee to modify the software.  Any modifications to to the software must be made under the terms of the Apache Version 2.0 license. Any modifications or redistributions of the software must provide proper attribution. Apache Version 2.0 license is a permissive free software license meaning you are not required to share back your modifications with the community or release them under the Apache License. However, we encourage all contributions to be shared back with the community so that other can benefit your innovation and help to collectively maintain it.  Please see the Apache License FAQs for more on on the license.

Becoming a Mifos Specialist is somewhat informal right now.  Active participation in the community is the best way to build your business, increase your visibility and attract more users. Follow the steps listed on the Become a Mifos Specialist page to successful engage with the community. We are beginning to provide more formality around this role to help MFIs more effectively identify qualified local service providers.   

A Mifos Specialist is an individual or consulting firm that provides technical support and consultation for microfinance institutions using or seeking to use Mifos. Mifos Specialists are the local support channel providing a wide range of cost-based services to assist MFIs in the effective adoption of Mifos and technology solutions in general. They can manage the implementation process, extend Mifos to meet local market needs, provide ongoing support, deliver Mifos in a hosted environment, provide training, and more. They serve a critical role as the interface between the MFI user and the Mifos community.  Visit our Specialists page to learn more.