Frequently Asked Questions - Community

The community always wants to see and hear from more MFIs using Mifos. We're on the look out for updates and personal stories about Mifos in action at you organization.  You can post links to the wall on the Mifos Facebook page. You can send updates to @Mifos on Twitter.  Want to have a story written about you on the Mifos Community Newslog? Email with details of the story you'd like to tell about using Mifos.

If you are a Mifos user, we'd like to know and put you on your map. You can share with the community that you're using Mifos by:

As with any software implementation, there will be unexpected surprises and challenges you will need to overcome.  As a community, we need to help each other out by sharing our experiences deploying Mifos.  Create a deployment case study on so you can highlight why and how you're using Mifos, document your lessons learned, share best practices and advice, and give fellow community members tips on how to smoothly roll out Mifos.

You can create this document after your deployment has been completed (as a retrospective) or midway through a deployment (as an ongoing live case study). To create a deployment case study for your deployment:

1. Create an account on
2. Click the link to create a deployment case study.
3. Follow this template for suggestions on what to document.
4. Send an email to the mifos-users mailing list.

We need all the grass-roots effort we can get to grow the Mifos community. Email and a member of the community will help you organize and promote the event.

MFIs, specialists, and volunteers using, implementing or working on Mifos are spread ing across the world. It's likely there are members of the Mifos community nearby;  you just don’t know about it!   Make it easier to find each other by:

Interested in meeting up in-person with a fellow community member? Email the appropriate mailing list with details of who you'd like to meet, what you would like to discuss, and where and when you'd want to meet. Face to face meetings go a long way and our community needs to stay connected.