Frequently Asked Questions - Product Development

The Mifos X source code for both the platform and community app are hosted on GitHub. Follow the Getting Started Guide for all the guidance and tips you need to access the source code.

Commit privileges are granted to community members who’ve demonstrated strong coding standards, good knowledge of the Mifos platform, and a willingness to openly participate in the community.  View our commit privileges process to learn more.

Our community spans the entire globe - we all work in different time zones and need to stay connected and collaborate at any time.  We try to use the latest and greatest tools to promote transparency across our project, enable effective collaboration, and openly document all that is going on.  We currently use this list of tools to collaborate.  Have ideas on how to better connect the community? Want to set up a new tool that the community can use. Go right ahead. Just email the lists to let us know how you’re helping.   We’re always open to take on help in maintaining our tools and infrastructure - see how you can help!

By signing the contributor agreement, our contributors have explicitly accepted the terms of the Apache 2.0 license and transferred copyright ownership of their contribution to Grameen Foundation.  The contributor agreement provides the community the assurance that there won’t be future legal disputes over origin and ownership of individual contributions. The agreement clearly defines how intellectual property has been contributed to project and ensures that users can use Mifos without concern that they’ll be asked to stop using pieces of the code in the future.  Signing only takes a minute so don’t skip the fine print and make sure to sign the contributor agreement.

Fixing bugs is a great way to get familiar with Mifos and to improve the Mifos product.  First, sign the contributor agreement, create a MifosForge account, send an email to the developer mailing list introducing yourself, and then find a bug to start working on.  Browse through our new volunteers bugs list or if you're ready for a bigger challenge, take on one of these issues.  Click "assign to me" to assign the bug to yourself - we'll then know that you're working on the issue.  Begin fixing the issue, ask any questions you have on the developer mailing list.  One you’re done, submit the patch according to our code and patch submission  process.

The strength and functionality of the Mifos platform can only grow with the assistance of our community. We want high quality code that won’t break Mifos - follow our patch submission process so you can write code that we can ship.

We encourage all development to be shared back with the community and welcome you to openly discuss the new feature on the Mifos users mailing list so the community can assist. We also like to track what’s being worked on - so please create a feature request ticket in JIRA and assign it to yourself if you are actively working on a project. Every new feature starts out with a good functional spec.  Follow these guidelines for advice on writing a strong functional specification that captures the detailed use cases of the feature. Now you’re ready to build, follow our coding standards and converse on the developer mailing list to build a feature that the whole community can benefit from.