Frequently Asked Questions - Product Management

Mifos can be translated into your local language through our online translation tools on Please follow our Translation Overview to understand the process of getting a new language in Mifos from translation to actually shipping this new translation.

The frequency of new releases will depend upon the level of community engagement.  Deeper more active involvement from users in the requirements gathering process will help developers understand what must be built.  New features can only be built through volunteer resources or development funded and sponsored by users.  We welcome users to advance development in Mifos by sponsoring development of features that are strongly needed, providing user feedback on the product, or testing new features in development.

Gap Analyses are a valuable tool in the needs assessment process. Conducting one is helpful in fully understanding Mifos functionally as well as clarifying on the actual processes that drive your business. The gap analysis can be led internally or by your Mifos Specialist but should be conducted with key operational and business staff. You are welcome to follow your own Gap Analysis process or use our detailed gap analysis template process.

The best way to understand if Mifos will properly support the operational processes of your organization is to carry out a needs assessment including a gap analysis.  The needs assessment is a valuable process in which you’ll identify your information needs and business goals for technology.  Carefully analyzing your business processes will help you understand where technology can help you the most.  With a clear understanding of your information needs and your business processes, you can map these against Mifos functionality to better understand if Mifos is a good fit for your organization.

The new features and functionality that go into the product roadmap and ultimately get shipped to users as a new release will depend on the activity of the community itself.   We need both active users providing input on features and active developers building those requested features. Both, from the perspective of the amount of user input provided on features desired, as well as volunteer resources and developers to build these new features. The community will work to have an open community-driven process to identify features based on direct feedback from users and prioritizing these based on need and resources available.

Look at How do I request a feature? or you can start a discussion on the mifos-users mailing list.  We always want to learn how we can improve Mifos to support more of your operations.

Do you have an idea on how to make Mifos better? Mifos not supporting your business needs? Let us know what new features, functionalities and improvements you want to see in Mifos.  You can do this in two ways.  If you would just like to list an idea and get some feedback - post it to uservoice.  Have more details on how the feature would work and the business requirements it would support? List it as a feature request in JIRA.

What is to be done after running MIFOS on a standalone workstation before detecting codes/names error on mifosChartofAccounts.xml(does not initialize) & mifosBeanConfig.custom.xml. The default Account codes are displaying instead of the modified Accounts codes/names in the mifosChartOfAccounts.xml?

What do i do to make the changes effect and mifosChartOfAccounts to initialize(Already,i have craeted Offices/Roles & permissions/set lookup options b4 the error was detected)?