Using the Mifos Project Issue Tracker

Explore the issue tracker:

You don't need an account to view issues in Mifos.   Just go to the issue tracker, then run filters to find bugs you want to view.  More information below in Searching through Issues.

Signing up for and using the issue tracker:

If you want to report an issue, you must sign up first.

  1. Create a user account in our issue tracker and log in.
  2. Then explore the issue tracker!
    • Create a filter to find issues.
    • Enter new issues you have identified in the issue tracker

More information on using the issue tracker effectively to track bugs and improve the quality of the Mifos product are listed in the topics below.

Reporting an Issue

Before reporting a new issue, please search through existing ones to make sure it hasn't already been reported.  If the issue you've encountered hasn't been reported, please read the following before posting to the issue tracker:

Searching through Issues

You can search through the Issue Tracker in a couple different ways:

Search using Filters


Search by Issue #

Enter an issue # in the top right search box.

Bugs are automatically assigned based on sub-component so there's no need to assign your bug to a specific developer. If you want to receive email notifications when a bug is entered into the issue tracker, you can send an email to .

Submitting fixes

If you want to submit code to fix a bug, please see the developer kickstart page, as well as many other pages on this site that discuss the development process.