Nirantara - India

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In Production
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Niranjan Sheelavant
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Nayan Ambali

Nirantara established operations in 2006 as Nirantara Community Services.  In 2010 it formally took over Shri ShivGayatri Infin Private Limited, an NBFC.  Nirantara's mission is to deliver sustainable and need-based financial services at door-step level and at a high customer value to eradicate poverty throughout Karnataka state in India.  Led by Niranjan Sheelavant and practicing the values of Closeness, Operational Excellence, Together as One, and Social Responsibility, Nirantara is currently serving 10,500 members  through the Joint Liability Group Grameen methodology.  

In early 2010, Nirantara worked with the team at Conflux Technologies to implement Mifos, migrating data from their previous system, FIMO.  Nirantara is currently running Mifos fully in production on the Amazon EC2 Cloud with support being provided by Conflux.  Demonstrable social impact is a vital part of Nirantara's outreach - they are one of the exemplary MFIs in our community that have implemented Grameen Foundation's Progress out of Poverty Index to strengthen their social performance management efforts.  

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