Kongalend Financial Services

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In Production
Project Champion: 
Tshoombe Ndadi
Project Manager: 
Miguel Jóia Santos

Kongalend is a development-centred Namibian microfinance institution, operating according to commercial principles. Kongalend goal is to provide financial inclusion to their clients, achieving this by providing affordable financial services to those with limited or no access to such services. Kongalend offers a range of collateral-free power loan products to qualifying applicants wishing to acquire a variety of renewable energy technologies, for lighting, pumping water and powering a range of household appliances, including solar water heaters. Kongalend also extends a range of credit products tailored to provide bridging and capital equipment finance to SMEs engaged in productive and value-added activities.

Seeking out the closest support provider for Mifos, they connected up with Iniciativa Mifos Moçambique who executed on a rapid deployment taking less than 2 months to get Mifos fully configured, implemented, and staff trained on Mifos. Miguel, Natu, and their team rolled out Mifos BI 1.2 for Kongalend, developed a new plugin to support the import of banking transactions, and utilized questions groups to support the Kongalend's insurance products.  

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