KEEF - Kenya

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In Production
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Daniel Kimani

Kenya Entrepreneurship Empowerment Foundation (K.E.E.F) is a dynamic organization, committed to developing innovative initiatives that support and empower the lives of the youth in Kenya aged 18 to 35.  Founded in 2004, KEEF provides professional and technical assistance while proactively seeking co-funding to support initiatives by young people and assist recipients to build their organizational capacity to ensure long term sustainability. Adept Systems led the deployment at this fast-moving MFI serving the needs of the poor in Nairobi. Adept Systems led the initial deployment of Mifos at KEEF.  Grameen Foundation is now leading Mifos efforts at KEEF, having rolled out a comprehensive IT strategy, mobile money integration with M-PESA and transitioning KEEF into Mifos Cloud. 

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