Creocore - Mali

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In Production
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Henrik Esbensen

Creocore is a small, volunteer-based MFI operating in Mali, West Africa. Its mission is to partner with entrepreneurs in developing countries to start and grow local businesses which are owned, managed and controlled exclusively by local entrepreneurs on local terms. Its vision is self-sustaining development in local communities. The goals are to increase self-reliance, decrease the need for outside aid, create living-wage jobs, apply appropriate technologies to improve quality of life and leverage training and education to sustain lasting growth. Guided by "Social Entrepreneurship with Eternal Purpose, everything Creocore does is based on their Christian worldview. 

Henrik Esbensen, the founder of Creocore, residing in the US installed Mifos 2.0 on the Amazon EC2 Cloud with assistance from the community via the mailing lists. 


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