BTPN - Bank Tabungan Pensiunan

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Bank BTPN has been providing financial services across Indonesia since opening in Bandung in 1959.   The well-being of its customers has been a strong part of their vision. Over time, BTPN has worked to expand its outreach to those at the bottom of the pyramid.  Serving this segment has been both an opportunity and a calling.  Fulfilling its passion to link BTPN's business and social mission in both its service and way of business, BTPN has aggressively expanded its microlending operations over the past couple of years.  With $70 million in support from the IFC, it has opened up 539 microlending branches expanding its total network to 1030 branches. 

In October 2010, BTPN officially launched 3 pilot branches practicing the Grameen methodology of microfinance. After an extensive gap analysis, Mifos was chosen to manage the operations of these branches.  Customization of Mifos to meet BTPN’s requirements is being led by Satriadi and his team as BTPN prepares to open up 17 new branches in early 2011.  

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