Who's Using Mifos

Below is a summary of Mifos users or MFIs actively deploying Mifos. In total there are 40 MFIs using Mifos across 16 countries to deliver financial services to more than 1,080,000 clients. 

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Mifos Users

User Type: Cloud
User Country Status Number of Clients
SECDEP - Philippines Philippines In Production 10,511
Adhikar - Orissa, India India In Production 167,229
Associação Progresso - Mozambique Mozambique In Production 3,300
Nuru International - Kuria, Kenya Kenya In Production 3,515
Digamber Finance - India India In Production 20,290
KEEF - Kenya Kenya In Production 13,500
Lumana Ghana In Production 300
RiSE India In Production 5,202
Light Microfinance India In Production 5,821
Creocore - Mali Mali In Production 20
I.Can Capital Microfinance Philippines In Production 4,000
Nirantara - India India In Production 6,075
Oraitha Human Services Organization India In Production 500
Rara Microcredit Uganda In Production 600
User Type: Community
User Country Status Number of Clients
ASOMI India In Production 40,449
Fundación Inversión y Cooperación Peru In Production 200
Fursa Leo Limited Kenya In Production 1893
CEDA Microfinance Uganda In Production 400
Rudrama MACS India In Production 18,000
RedMutual Microfinance Uganda In Production
Hazina Development Trust Kenya In Production 700
Fantsuam Foundation - Kafanchan, Nigeria Nigeria In Progress 2,000
Chartered Financial Assistance - Cameroon Cameroon In Progress 2,500
Turning Point Trust - Kenya Kenya In Progress 150
Magereza - Tanzania Tanzania, United Republic Of In Progress 5,000
BTPN - Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Indonesia In Progress 3,000
Whot Riem Strategies Nigeria In Progress 1,000
WAFA - Women's Association for Advancement Pakistan In Progress 100
dMatrix Development Foundation India In Progress 500
User Type: Consortium
User Country Status Number of Clients
Grameen Koota - Bangalore, India India In Production 450,567
Al Majmoua - Lebanon Lebanon In Production 18,066
User Type: On-Site
User Country Status Number of Clients
enda inter-arabe - Tunis Tunisia Tunisia In Production 210,000
Jitegemea Credit Scheme Kenya In Production 14,000
EPTF - Kenya Kenya In Production 1,000
Missions of Hope International - Kenya Kenya In Production 1813
KADERES - Tanzania Tanzania, United Republic Of In Production 3,000
Friends Capital Finance - Uganda Uganda In Production 700
GrowthAfrica Ltd - Kenya Kenya In Production 600
Shakti Foundation India In Production 2500
SEED Federation India In Production 280
Shakti Swasahaya Mahila Mandal India In Production 300
Kongalend Financial Services Namibia In Production 950
Profamilia Moçambique Mozambique In Production 200