The entire team at SunGard Technology Services in Bangalore, India  have been working closely with the Mifos team for the past year helping to strengthen the core Mifos platform, dramatically increasing the performance of Mifos for our customers, and providing direct implementation services to our community.

Star Contributors of the Month for February: SunGard Technology Services of Bangalore, India (From L-R): Lakshmi, Rajesh, Partha, Chandan, Aravind , Raghavendra, Sreevani (Inset Left: Deepak, Prabaharan; Inset Right: Prachi)

SunGard Technology Services – Bangalore, India

SunGard is one of the world’s leading software and IT services companies, serving more than 25,000 customers in more than 70 countries. Their SunGard Technology Services unit provides full software development lifecycle support for SunGard’s products across the financial systems, higher education and public sector businesses.  Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with SunGard on a number of key technology projects. Over the next year we look forward to a deeper engagement with a dedicated full-time team at SunGard to help extend scalability in Mifos to support millions of clients.

SunGards contributions have been many.  They have provided scalability improvements for Grameen Koota including database schema enhancements and improvements to collection sheet entry module which improve speed of processing for thousands of transactions.  They held Performance Testing for Mifos 1.4 Release which provided a controlled lab environment where Mifos could be stressed to simulate heavy production load scenarios.  This testing led to measurable improvements to collection sheet entry, loan creation, and client creation. They worked extensively on reproducing a long standing Collection Sheet issue in the performance testing lab and providing a means for testing and validating those fixes.  They made enhancements including client age validation and additional client family details to better support delivery of microinsurance services at Grameen Koota.  They provided technical consulting work supporting Mifos community customers including data migration and building reports for Adhikar in Orissa, India.

The entire team includes Parthasarathy T, Aravind Deivendran, Chandan Rao, Rajesh Kollam, Raghavendra Bhandari, Maheswari and Lakshmi Simha, Sreevani Negendran, Prabaharanand Gopalan, and Prachi.

What’s rewarding about working on the Mifos: “This is one of the few projects that is free and that reaches the grassroots of our society and that makes a difference in the lives of millions of people.”