Members of Grameen Foundation recently paid a visit to our first Mifos Cloud customer, SECDEP, in the Philippines to see how their Mifos Cloud implementation is going.  

Grameen Foundation along with SECDEP officers

The team including Gigi, Aya, and Ryan spent their time visiting SECDEP staff, meeting their clients, and seeing Mifos in action.  It was also a great opportunity to meet with Luz Coronado, SECDEP’s Executive Director and Jinky, the Oton Branch Manager, to discuss their experiences using Mifos.

Aya and Gigi, this having been their first visit to SECDEP, spent a day with the loan officers.  Starting out with a center meeting, they experienced the strong center culture and group solidarity while sitting down and talking with the clients about their livelihood programs. These included retail sales, food sales, and services like manicures and pedicures.  The loan officer brought the collection sheet generated by Mifos and used it to track collections.  At the end of the day this data was entered by into Mifos by the branch MIS staff.

SECDEP Center MeetingCollection at Center Meeting

Aya and Gigi, also had the chance to observe a “validation” trip accompanying Jinky, Oton’s Branch Manager, as she visited the houses of prospective clients.  They saw a new group get formed and were able to learn about the values SECDEP tries to instill in each member as they formally start a group and get ready to take on a loan.

Mifos Cloud Adds Value

Although SECDEP has had to work through some of the bugs and challenges of being an early adopter of Mifos Cloud, they’ve already begun to see great value.  At the Oton Branch, once they started using Mifos, they were able to identify over-withdrawals of client savings; they’re now able to recoup some over-withdrawals and happy to have resolved this error. 

Ana - Mifos UserUsers at SECDEP head office

Mifos Cloud is helping branch management work more effectively; Oton branch manager, Jinky, was overjoyed that quick access to client data has been helping her make decisions about her branch faster.

Branch Manager, Jinky, and Aya

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