Michael Vorburger

Michael, our December Star Contributor, has been active in our community since October 2009 when he led the migration of our issue tracker over to JIRA. He’s continued to be a big help, spreading the word about Mifos, and now leading migration of our wiki.

Michael Vorburger – Lausanne, Switzerland

Utilizing his computer science degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Michael has worked in a variety of environments and roles, from setting up networking infrastructure and websites for the International Peace Bureau in Geneva to building his own small software business developing and marketing web tools; from working around IP multicast switching with Cisco Systems in California, to some kind of highly configurable CRM solution supporting pharmaceutical companies with their innovation and intellectual property management chain.

Michael’s current day job is with Odyssey Financial Technologies, a leading wealth and asset management software vendor.  He recently took over responsibility for the company’s Eclipse-based SDK and implementation tooling strategy and development. Throughout his career he co-authored a book on the Java Data Objects (JDO) API, helped with the $100 Laptop Project (http://olpc.ch), and this summer organized a class teaching 8 year olds programming using http://scratch.mit.edu.

Michael actually first heard about Mifos in June 2006, but it wasn’t until October 2009 that he joined the team.  Motivated by a virtual “meeting” with Adam Monsen on IRC, and a short chat on the POTS phone half an hour later, Michael was directed toward the Java.net Issue Tracker to JIRA migration project.  He took a look, and began making his impactful contribution to our entire community. Michael has alleviated many a headache and made our development and quality assurance process much smoother by helping us migrate our issue tracker from Java.net to JIRA. Time permitting, Michael may be starting to work on a “pre-packaged” Mifos all-in-one ZIP in the near future.

Since then he’s been a vocal advocate of Mifos, presenting a Tech Talk on Mifos called, Ending Poverty One Line of a Code at a Time, Jazoon in June.  Once again he’s helping us with a crucial migration – this time pulling our wiki content from our Plone site at www.mifos.org and migrating it to a Confluence Wiki on MifosForge.

What’s Rewarding about Working on Mifos:

Mifos is a great project because developers can contribute open source to something which seems to have a direct impact on improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through better software for microfinance institutions.

Fun Facts about Michael:

Favorite Food: Good Italian and Indian.

If Michael could travel to one place in the world, it would be: “Up to Ladakh, maybe.”

Interesting fact about Michael: “I like to build LEGO We Do robots with my son.”

Please visit Michael’s personal websiteblog, and LinkedIn profile to learn more about him. Make sure to follow @vorburger on Twitter

Relevant Skills/OS Experience: Java, Spring, ORM & Persistence, Maven, Frameworks, Architecture, Web Dev, Linux, OS projects & communities, Agile Methodology, Infrastructure, Tooling, Software Quality, Banking, People