John Woodlock

John, our November Star Contributor, along with his brother, Keith,  has contributed substantial core improvements to the Mifos Platform that are helping our customers scale to effectively bring financial services to hundreds of thousands of the poorest.

John Woodlock – Melbourne, Australia

Forsaking a career in poetry, John chose to study software design, and since graduating from the University of Limerick in Ireland, has embraced quite a bit of ‘role rotation’ within the field. In the UK he had a go at being a developer, DBA, data analyst, consultant, systems analyst, architect, team leader, project manager and managing director before heading back to Australia where now he does Agile Java Enterprise development for Mifos. John’s brother, Keith, discovered Mifos when he and John were looking for an open source project.  Mifos is a great fit as they’ve been able to use their software development skills to contribute to the expansion of microfinance.

John started out small by fixing a few FireFox bugs and then moved on to providing some performance and functionality patches.  From there, by making quite a large effort to understand the Collection Sheet domain model he was able to tackle some major refactoring and performance improvements that are now adding immense value and the potential to scale for our customers.

John on his Impact on the Poor:

“I’m glad the idea of microfinance is to facilitate those in or near poverty to help themselves.  Hopefully, my contribution to Mifos can lower the cost of providing financial services to them.  I also hope that I can make it easier for future Mifos contributors to add value wherever they can.”

In his spare time when John is not writing code to fight poverty, he’s authoring an online novel, Layla Owww.  His favorite foods are Chili con Carne and Potato Curry and his dream destination to travel to would be Haifa, Israel.