Jim Stamper

Our July Star Contributor, Jim Stamper, has lent his Drupal expertise to improve the Mifos web presence. Jim is not our typical contributor working directly on the Mifos codebase. He helped us out getting a solid working community infrastructure in place by project managing the redesign of the Mifos.org community site on Drupal.   

Jim Stamper - Seattle, WA

Jim is a PHP Developer currently working at Seattle’s public television station,  KCTS. He has been in the web industry for 11 years architecting apps and doing Drupal development among other things. Prior to Seattle, he worked at CentreSource in Nashville, TN as well as his own freelance studio, SouthSide Media.

He discovered Mifos through a friend, also a volunteer at Grameen Foundation.

Jim's Impact:

Although Jim volunteered just to project manage the Mifos.org rollout, he went well beyond the call of duty. He assisted with system administration of both the Mifos.com and Mifos.org sites. The Mifos.org community site would not be possible without Jim's wise guidance and oversight.  His technical contributions smoothing out site development, fixing bugs, styling, and developing new features, all went beyond the original scope of the site and his responsibilities. 

Jim said he likes helping connect the Mifos community and “moving this great software forward." 

He worked his way through college as a professional guitarist.

Learn more about Jim by reading his full Star Contributor profile