Graeme Ruthven

Graeme Ruthven has shared his knowledge of operational and implementation topics to help develop best practices and guides on VPN, security, and on installing and running Mifos on Debian-based distributions.

Graeme Ruthven – Wellington, New Zealand

After a brief stint as a physics, mathematics and general science teacher, in 1976 Graeme started in the world of computers.  He has covered a wide range of jobs, including teaching COBOL programming, training operators, and so on, mainframe operating system dump analysis and patch writing, X.25, SNA,  and other network design, implementation and support, various sales and marketing role, pre-sales support, managing bids and providing technical input.  Most recently he was a project manager predominantly on infrastructure projects including system deployments and upgrades and, increasingly, virtualization of existing workloads.

A few years ago a member of Graeme’s extended family in the Pacific Islands was considering setting up a Microfinance Institution. He asked Graeme if he knew of any software to run one and, after a few hours of research he recommended Mifos. Within a week he had a system built and running on his home network, which has since been used for evaluation and testing although the original idea has yet to be realized.

Graeme has contributed in a number of ways. He’s written a how-to on implementing a Virtual Private Network using OpenSSL. He’s involved in a project to develop security guidelines for Mifos implementations. He’s suggested a few changes to the application and installation processes. He’s logged requests, mostly in the areas of operations and usability.Graeme is planning to work on a Debian package to deploy Mifos and its database on Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu. On top of that, Graeme is also preparing to build “Mifos-in-a-box” – a single-box solution using FLOSS virtualisation software with guest systems for web/app, database, and development/management servers. This will be built with what he considers as good security practices in mind.

What’s Rewarding about Working on Mifos:

“Being part of a community of a great bunch of people working to support a great cause.“

Fun Facts about Graeme:

Favorite Food: Indian or Chinese

If Graeme could travel to one place in the world, it would be: Japan, but away from the cities.

Interesting fact about Graeme: I played, coached and refereed basketball for about 25 years, still playing A grade club basketball when I retired at nearly 40.

Relevant Skills/OS Experience: ICL’s GEORGE and VME mainframe systems; IBM’s MVS, DOS/VSE, and similar systems; and the network controllers for these.  He first discovered Unix-like systems in the mid 80’s through Microsoft Xenix, which had just passed to the original SCO, and has maintained an interest ever since around the same time the first IBM PCs were released.