Gayl Kennedy

Gayl Kennedy was our Star Contributor for August. She led the deployment of Mifos at Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria and is being recognized for providing a discerning voice to help us improve the Mifos product. Our first member of the Mifos implementer community to be a Star Contributor, Gayl has been an integral part of design usability and locating bugs on the mailing lists and new feature requests.

Gayl Kennedy - Tipperary, Ireland 

Working as a volunteer through the international NGO Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), Gayl’s assignment at the Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria was to implement an MIS system including Mifos. Previously she had been in the EMEA Operations Centre for a large software company based in Dublin where she worked as a project manager on many system implementations.

Fantsuam Foundation had already incorporated Mifos when Gayl arrived. She has been using it ever since.

Through countless emails sent to the mifos-users alias fielding queries, Gayl became a power user of MifosForge. She identifies bugs in our reports and posts enhancement requests for community support to improve overall usability. Hearing and understanding feature requests and bugs details helps us know how to make our software better.

Impact on the Poor:  Over 15,000 clients benefit from Fantsuam Foundation. The implementation of Mifos will help this MFI stay strong. As Gayl's involvement with the Mifos community increases, so will her impact to multiple MFIs in many countries.

"[Mifos] was my first experience of an open source deployment and I am proud of the contribution I have made to the community. I am honored to be the third Tipperary person to be recognized by Mifos!" John and Keith Woodlock were our two past Tipperary honorees. 

Please read Gayl's Star Contributor profile and visit her LinkedIn profile to learn more about her.