Mifos X - The Next Generation

We are always thinking about the future and how we can be the operational platform for a microfinance institution of any size to deliver financial services to the poor. Part of that long-term vision is achieving an architecture that is lightweight and multi-tenant so MFIs can scale but also modular and extensible enough that development can scale. John and Keith Woodlock have been focusing the last several months on working towards the next generation Mifos platform on a project called Mifos X. This is a long term development initiative that will happen in parallel to ongoing improvements to the current Mifos codebase. They'll be sharing a demo site and more detailed updates on the project's first phase of individual lending coverage. To formally introduce Mifos X to the community, we sat down with John and Keith Woodlock, our community architecture leads, for an interview on the COSM blog.

Read our interview exploring Mifos X with John and Keith Woodlock on the COSM blog.