Got a question? Need some help? There are a number of ways to get technical and user support through our community. Read on to find out how and ask away!

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are the primary way we communciate in the Mifos community.  They work like this: You sign up for the list. Once approved, you can then send questions to the list via email.  Everybody in our community on the mailing list sees your questions and can respond if they know how to help.  All the questions and conversations are archived and publically indexed so you can conveniently find answers by searching through Google. 

For better ease of use, each of the mailing lists also has a web interface on Google Groups that allows you to search and post.  To post via the web interface you first need to sign up for the mailing list itself and then the Google Group as well.

Mifos-Users Mailing List (non-technical)

Have a question about how to use the Mifos software? Stuck while installing Mifos? Need to know how a feature or configuration setting is supposed to work? This is the place for those questions.

  1. Sign up for the mifos-users mailing list.
  2. Send questions to
  3. Browse or post through the web interface for mifos-users on Google Groups

Mifos-Developer Mailing List (technical)

Writing code? Have a technical question? Building a new feature in Mifos. Come to the mifos-developer mailing list to discuss technical development of our platform. 

  1. Sign up for the mifos-developer mailing list.
  2. Send questions to
  3. Browse or post through the web interface for mifos-developer on Google Groups

Here are some tips and etiquette on how to ask good questions on the list. Visit MifosForge for full details on each of these lists and their archives 

Live Chat on IRC

Got a question you need an answer for right away? Want to chat with other developers or users? Our IRC chatroom is the place for you.  Number of people in the chatroom depends on the time you go in.