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Star Contributor of the Month February 2014 - Nayan Ambali

For the month of February 2014, we're recognizing Nayan Ambali from Conflux Technologies as our Star Contributor of the Month. Nayan has been one of those fundamental pillars of our community for several years now and this recognition is a small token of appreciation for all the value he's added. Apart from being one of the most dedicated customer advocates in supporting his Mifos users at Conflux, Nayan is a renaissance man of sorts for our community - independently volunteering his skills, passion, and genuine energy for Mifos at all times.

Nayan Ambali


Star Contributor of the Month January 2014 - Steve Thomson

For the month of January 2014 and the first time in two years (wow! it's shocking how time flies), we're recognizing our Star Contributor of the Month. The proud honors for this month go to Steve Thomson, whose recognition is long overdue. For 2014, we're resolved to make sure we recognize our rock-star volunteers and I'm certain we'll have many to feature as we focus on growing volunteer participation this year. 

Steve Thomson


Star Contributor of the Month - Chetan Bekkinkeri

For the month of March 2012 and in honor of National Volunteer Week, we're recognizing Chetan Bekkinkeri who has been leading product management and requirements gathering for our community over the past several months. For the past couple years Chetan has been part of the SunGard team contributing to Mifos in various ways; when we asked him to step into the role as product management lead for the community he did so with great energy. Keep contributing so we can shine the spotlight on you!

Chetan Bekkinkeri

Chetan has taken on his role in the community with great pride and commitment - he is always available to meet with a user and listen to their needs. Chetan is using his skills as a business analyst and his strong knowledge of the microfinance domain to serve as our critical bridge between users and developers.  His ability to take complex and varied user needs and translate these into clear, concise, and consistant functional specifications for development is unmatched. Chetan is always ready to hear your product feedback and reminds you to review the specs he's been generating. 

Read on for more about Chetan!


Star Contributor of the Month - Lukasz Chudy

For the month of January 2012, we're showcasing Lukasz Chudy, one of the many Lukasz' at SolDevelo. Lukasz has stepped up to lead QA in the community during the recent transition of Mifos. You can find Lukasz on JIRA helping to orchestrate many a smooth release and strengthening the quality of Mifos so it MFIs can better serve the poor. 

Keith Pierce

Each month we honor one of our top volunteer contributors from around the world. With all the transition going on with Mifos and the community, our Star Contributor recognition has been on a slight hiatus. It's now back and we'll be recognizing a volunteer each month. Keep contributing so we can shine the spotlight on you!


Star Contributor of the Month - Bharathi Ram and Donnie Tuck

Documentation Star Contributors

For the months of January and February, we're showcasing two Bankers without Borders volunteers who have been updating and expanding our documentation. Bharathi Ramasubramanian and Donnie Tuck have brought an understandable voice to some of the complex new features in our most recent releases. They've updated our user manual so you can use the new features and understand the value they can provide.


Star Contributor of the Month - Keith Pierce

For the month of December, we're showcasing Keith Pierce, a man of many talents, who has contributed to Mifos in all capacities.  This time, we're recognizing him for his Drupal expertise.  Keith has been maintaining the face of Mifos, keeping our and sites running smoothly and securely. 

Keith Pierce

Each month we honor one of our top volunteer contributors from around the world.  This time around we're recognizing Keith Pierce.  Keith, father-in-law to our very own Adam Monsen is a former volunteer, contract, and full-time developer for Mifos.  Now he's volunteering his time to help us in maintaining our websites built on Drupal.  In only a couple months time, he's helped implement a solid and secure development workflow, fixed bugs on the sites, and built out functionality to make the sites more usable for the community.  Keith's continued commitment to Mifos shows that there are many ways you can get involved.  

Read on to learn more about Keith!

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Star Contributor of the Month - Community

For the months of October and November, we're showcasing the Community, who've supplied us a robust new infrastructure for translating Mifos and an active community of translators to maintain and extend the languages Mifos is available in.

Each month we honor one of our top volunteer contributors from around the world.  This time around we're doing a group recognition for several key members of the community. Transitioning the Mifos user interface to FreeMarker pages meant we needed to re-translate our entire software.  This could have been a nightmare but it's been a blessing. Making the switch from Pootle to, we've benefited from a stable and actively maintained translation infrastructure that smoothly syncs with our Git repository.  Coupled with an enthusiastic community of translators, we've been able to maintain our existing Spanish, French, Chinese, and Portuguese translations with the new UI framework and are beginning to translate Mifos into languages like Bengali, Tagalog, Telugu, Tamil, and more.


Star Contributor of the Month - Stanley Kwok

For the month of September, we're showcasing Stanley Kwok, a volunteer who's stepped into the role of i18n (Internationalization) champion for Mifos as we migrate our UI to FTL pages. 

Stanley Kwok - Vancouver

Each month we honor one of our top volunteer contributors from around the world.  Stanley recently joined our community in June but has made a big impact in that short time. Since joining, he's fixed a number of bugs related to the Mifos User Interface, reviewed incoming patches from community members, and gained active commit privileges to the Mifos source code.  Recently he's become our Internationalization (i18n) Champion, stepping up to lead efforts translating Mifos through as we migrate to a new UI framework on FreeMarker.  

Stanley Kwok - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Brief Bio (in the words of Stanley): I've been in the IT industry for 10 years now. During this time I've worked in wide range of companies in various industries and using various technologies. My passion is solving challenging problems with elegant solutions.


Star Contributor of the Month - Gayl Kennedy

For the month of August, we're showcasing Gayl Kennedy who while leading the deployment of Mifos at Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria, has provided a critical and discerning voice to help us improve the Mifos product.

Gayl Kennedy - Ireland/Nigeria

Each month we honor one of our top volunteer contributors from around the world.  Gayl is our first member of the Mifos implementer community to be recognized as our Star Contributor of the Month.  Since joining our community, she's been an active participant on the mailing lists, helping to locate bugs and identify design and usability improvements through new feature requests

Gayl Kennedy - Tipperary, Ireland (currently in Kafanchan, Nigeria)

Brief Bio: Gayl is on a six month assignment at the Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria to implement an MIS system including Mifos for this NGO. She is working as a volunteer through the international NGO Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO). Her previous experience has mainly been in the EMEA Operations Centre for a large software company based in Dublin, Ireland where she worked as a project manager on many system implementations – order management, sales tracking, MRP, scorecards etc.


Star Contributor of the Month - Jim Stamper

For the month of July, we're showcasing Jim Stamper who's lent his Drupal expertise to help improve the Mifos web presence.

Jim Stamper - Seattle, WA

Each month we honor one of our top volunteer contributors from around the world.  Jim is not our typical contributor, working directly on the Mifos codebase.  He's been flexing his Drupal and PHP muscle to help us get a solid working community infrastructure in place by project managing the redesign of the community site on Drupal.   

Jim Stamper - Seattle, WA

Brief Bio (in the words of Jim): I'm a PHP Developer currently working at KCTS Television, Seattle’s public television station and the largest in the Northwest. I’ve been in the web industry for 11 years now, the last four architecting apps and doing Drupal development. I’ve previously worked at CentreSource in Nashville, TN and with my own freelance studio, SouthSide Media.

Relevant Skills/OS Experience: LAMP Stack and Linux Administration.

Discovering Mifos: Through a friend who also did some volunteering for Grameen Foundation.

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