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mLite - First Community-Built App on the Mifos X Platform

During our previous user meetup on June 27, Cameron and Sander from Musoni BV demonstrated mLite, the first application built by a community member on top of the Mifos X platform.

Having launched the world's first "cashless" microfinance institution at Musoni Kenya, they were looking to scale and replicate that innovative process model worldwide. Having chosen the Mifos X platform as the foundation for their MIS, they built a front-end PHP-based web interface with dashboards, custom reporting, a custom user interfaced and carefully streamlined workflows.  It's been a pleasure to work with the team at Musoni; as winners of the Global Microfinance Achievement Award for Most Innovative Use of Technology in 2011, their input and contributiosn will help push the horizon of innovation on Mifos X.

Musoni mLite screenshot of app on Mifos X


COSM ships Mifos X Platform 1.0

Mifos X Platform 1.0 is the first official release of the completely re-architected and re-written codebase that the Community for Open Source Microfinance has been working on since the transition of Mifos from the Grameen Foundation. As the next generation of the Mifos software, we are building off of everything we learned as the industry’s first web-based and open source software. We’re pleased to release the first open source platform for technology-enabled financial inclusion.

The Mifos X Platform is at the forefront of COSM’s strategy to scale Mifos through a community-driven development model and a network of local Specialists all contributing to a global cycle of innovation.

MIfos X is already being used in production in the cloud by a number of small MFIs. Elevate Africa from Mali and Heaven’s Family with operations in Latin America and Africa have been using Mifos for several months now. We welcome other small MFIs focused on individual lending to use a free hosted instance of Mifos X in the cloud.

Musoni has chosen Mifos X as the platform to to scale their award-winning mobile microfinance model pioneered at Musoni Kenya as the first “cashless microfinance institution in the world.” They are already putting the platform to work, building out applications and an interface specific to their operational model.  


Mifos 2.6 (Esha K) is Live

As we close out 2012 and bring in 2013, we are excited to roll out the final major release on top of the Mifos 2.x codebase.  With its fourth major release, SolDevelo has wrapped up Esha K, our Mifos 2.6 release. The theme of Mifos 2.6 was to fill any major outstanding gaps and make Mifos 2.6 be the most polished and well-rounded application for group lending before we transition development to our lighter, more flexible, next-generation platform Mifos X. Major new functionalities include support for daily loans and savings accounts, the ability to upload and attach files to loans and clients, a user interface for modifying the chart of the accounts, a dashboard of key business metrics on the homepage, and enhancements to importing data in Mifos.

Apart from these many new features, more than 45 bugs were also fixed by the SolDevelo team.  We will also soon be shipping as separate releases enhancements to accounting and reporting - Hugo Technologies has completed a range of enhancements to the Mifos-ACC accounting module and Conflux Technologies will be delivering a few additional standard reports to our Business Intelligence Suite. Please join us in thanking Lukasz C, Natalia, Kasia, Kamil, Wojciech, Pawel, Grzegorz, Marcin, Jakub P, Jakub W, Lukasz W and the rest of the SolDevelo team who led the development of these new features and helped to review incoming contributions.


Announcing the Esha K Release

Esha K is going to be the final major functional release on the Mifos 2.0 codebase. We have chosen to recognize Esha Omar Athman as the Marie for our release.  Esha is a client of Fursa Leo Microfinance who is being supported by Intrasoft Technologies out of Mombasa, Kenya.  Esha has been a client since July 2011 and used her loans to fund her growing ice cubes business.  Esha K is a big release containing major functional changes to the core including added support for daily meetings, loan repayments, and savings collections. Other major enhancements include a dashboard of key performance indicators on the homepage, an interface for editing the chart of accounts, and a file upload module.  

Please visit the COSM blog to read the full announcement


Mifos 2.5 (Samiha J) Ships!

Once again a special thank you to Jakub Slawínski, Lukasz Chudy and the entire SolDevelo team for developing and proceeding over Samiha J. Mifos 2.5 is another big release that brings a strong mix of functional improvements, technical enhancements, tools for getting data into Mifos, and integrations with other systems.  Continuing with our 2012 goal of making Mifos 2.0 a functionally complete group lending MIS before we transition development over to Mifos X, Mifos 2.5 smooths out some of the core areas of the product and fills some of the major outstanding gaps.

View the release notes for a full list of all issues resolved

Mifos Data Warehouse and 11 More Standard Reports now Embedded in Mifos

Easy reporting is always a challenge and a must-have for our users - this release makes available another 11 standard reports that can be directly run in Mifos without having to install any separate components.  Embedding these reports that run off of the Mifos data warehouse was one of the next major phases of the Pentaho integration.  To run these reports all you have to do is configure your second database as the Mifos data warehouse and execute the new batch job that runs ETL job which populates the Mios data warehouse.  


Announcing the Samiha J Release

We're happy to announce Samiha J, our upcoming release scheduled to ship during the first week of September.  This release is code-named after Samiha, one of the borrowers at Al Majmoua in Beirut Lebanon. Samiha J will provide support for daily loan repayments, ability to bulk edit existing client data, import transactions via spreadsheet, a configurable chart of accounts, and additional REST APIs. View the blog post for full details on the release or the release notes for all the tickets being worked on. 


Mifos X API - Call for Feedback

We are embarking on an exciting time as we advance the next generation of the Mifos platform, Mifos X.

Keith and John Woodlock have released the first version and published and documented the full API.  

We're seeking the feedback and questions of any past, current, and interested developers or for anyone who has ever wanted to build anything on top of Mifos. As we build out the next generation Mifos platform, we're designing it be easy to extend and we want to know if that's true with what we've shipped so far.

This API will be the foundation of Mifos as an extensible platform that can easily be extended to support the delivery of financial services to the poor. We are hosting two meetings this week to discuss and gather feedback on the API and the vision for Mifos X.

Meeting #1: Wednesday 6:00am GMT 

Meeting #2: Thursday 2:30 pm GMT (usual developer meeting time)

Each of those links is a Google invite that you can add to your calendar - please RSVP if able to attend. 

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Mifos 2.4 (Vinolia I) is Live!

Since the community has transitioned in leadership from Grameen Foundation to the Community for Open Source Microfinance, we've been pushing full speed ahead on development driven by user feedback. Mifos 2.4 (Vinolia I) directly responds to this feedback, aiming to solve the major pains felt by the community and to take Mifos one step further in ease of use and going hand-in-hand with your business processes.

SolDevelo has been the guiding force behind ongoing development and once again has done a stellar job, shipping another timely release, stewarding community contributions, and developing long-requested new features.  When we've asked you what causes the most pain in Mifos - the answer is almost always reporting or accounting integration.  This release addresses those critical gaps by embedding Pentaho reporting directly in Mifos and including an integrated module for simple accounting support. Mifos 2.4 also smoothes out other core functionality through streamlining mobile money integration with KopoKopo, strengthening the loan workflow, increasing efficiency through support for transfers, improve handling of GLIM loans, and better control over historical transactions. Here's a quick list of the major features with a detailed overview and screenshots of each feature.


Mifos Android Client - A Closer Look

The Mifos Android client has been available in the Google Play store for a couple months now so hopefully you've had a chance to try it out. If not, we wanted to give you a closer look at the smartphone version of the Mifos application that gives you instant access to your data wherever you have a mobile phone connection. The Mifos Android client was developed by SolDevelo who is ready to respond to feedback with fixes and enhancements to make it perform even better. The video screencast, data sheet overview, and Mifos Android Client user manual will give you a clearer picture of the features available. 

What is the Mifos Android Client?

Let's first cover the basics of what the Mifos Android Client is and what features it supports. It's a mobile version of Mifos available as a smartphone application that runs on top of the Android operating system. You can freely download the application from the Google Play store and through a handy interface for a smartphone you have instant access to your client data anywhere there's a mobile connection. Right now these first versions of the Android client focus on viewing client data and making transactions. – making the loan officer more efficient and more informed in the field. It supports the core functional operations including:


Mifos X - The Next Generation

We are always thinking about the future and how we can be the operational platform for a microfinance institution of any size to deliver financial services to the poor. Part of that long-term vision is achieving an architecture that is lightweight and multi-tenant so MFIs can scale but also modular and extensible enough that development can scale. John and Keith Woodlock have been focusing the last several months on working towards the next generation Mifos platform on a project called Mifos X. This is a long term development initiative that will happen in parallel to ongoing improvements to the current Mifos codebase. They'll be sharing a demo site and more detailed updates on the project's first phase of individual lending coverage. To formally introduce Mifos X to the community, we sat down with John and Keith Woodlock, our community architecture leads, for an interview on the COSM blog.

Read our interview exploring Mifos X with John and Keith Woodlock on the COSM blog. 

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