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Volunteer with Mifos in 2014

Would you like to help change the world? Did you know that you can volunteer your time to help build technology that has the potential to lift billions from poverty?

At the Mifos Initiative, we guide the development of Mifos X, an open-source cloud-based platform for delivering financial services to the poor. We use open source technology and the power of community to scale financial inclusion worldwide to achieve our shared vision of creating a world of 3 Billion Maries, a world where each individual has access to the financial services to create a better life for themself and their family.  We connect the on-the-ground organizations serving the base of the pyramid with open source contributors building applications on top of the platform to enable financial inclusion to the poor.

We launched Mifos X in 2013 and in 2014, we’re setting out to massively scale the adoption of Mifos X - we cannot do it alone and we are seeking volunteers from all backgrounds to join our community.  Whether you’re technical or non-technical, we need bold and passionate volunteers to be a key part of executing on every strategic objective of our mission.



A Light-hearted Look at our 2014 GSOC Interns

At the start of the program, we gave you a quick look into the professional and academic backgrounds of our intern class. Now we want to take a more personal and lighthearted look into the lives of our interns. We've got an interesting class that comes from various backgrounds with some intriguing standout personalities - make sure you get the chance to know them over the summer.
Some common threads in their fun facts - several of them love to eat and one of them loves to drink - it even makes him more productive. They're all drawn to our project because it's so unique - not only do we have a technology stack that's in-demand, we've got a diverse and active community that embraces its newcomers, and our social mission tops it all off nicely.
Here is a sampling of random facts from the interns - you try and guess who the fact applies to: one of our interns gets mistaken for a kid because his lack of a mustache, another found a creative way to master a video game, one has a penchant for long-distance bike rides, another can sleep and wake up with no effort, one wise intern looks up to Elon Musk, while another found a way to celebrate Holi with eggs, and Marissa Mayer needs to watch out for one of our interns as he's got his sights set on her.  :)

Meet the 2014 Google Summer of Code Class of Interns

GSOC 2013

It's official. Coding for the 2014 Google Summer of Code has now begun. Once again we're lucky to have a diverse and talented group of students interning with us this summer. This year we have seven interns from four different countries who will be working under the leadership of our mentors from six different countries.  They'll be working on a wide spectrum of projects that range from the back-end platform to the front-end community app, on down to mobile apps used directly in the field. By the end of the summer, our community will benefit from a native Android app dedicated to making field staff more efficient, a mobile app for enabling Pay as you Go Solar Energy transactions, a vastly improved user experience for our community app, enhancements to our data migration tool, a batching API that will unlock performance improvements across the entire platform, as well as a powerful ad-hoc reporting tool and evolutions to the client impact portal to a production-ready release. 


Google Summer of Code 2014 - End Poverty. One Line of Code at a Time.

This summer you'll have the ability to change lives - three billion of them - one line of code at a time. The Mifos Initiative will be participating in Google Summer of Code for the fourth time and our second consecutive year as an independent project. Mifos X is an open source technology platform for enabling financial inclusion to the poor. Google Summer of Code is a global program sponsored by Google that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects.  Students accepted to the program will spend their summers coding from May 19 to August 22nd and upon successful evaluation receive a $5500 stipend provided by Google. For full details on GSoC, read the FAQ and browse the program timeline - student applications open March 10! You can apply from our organization page.


2013 Mifos Summit Recap

Amid the hustle and bustle of the summit, we shared a couple of posts recapping the vigor and vitality of the opening days of the summit.  Now that we’ve all settled back into our day-to-day routines, we want to look back on the 2013 Summit, rekindle that energy, and map out what lies ahead for 2014.

First off, a tremendous thank you to Paul Maritz, the lead sponsor of the summit as well as Google’s Open Source Programs and the ThoughtWorks Social Impact Program who came on as silver-level sponsors. Their financial contributions made possible the scholarships to bring so many delegates to the summit and the selection of such a world-class city and venue in Jaipur. A huge thank you to Amit Jain, and all the staff of Digamber Finance for welcoming us to Jaipur as the local host guiding all the preparations and assistance during the summit that made it such a memorable event.


2013 Mifos Graduating Class for Google Summer of Code

I'm proud to now call our interns, affectionately known as A Team - Here's Ygraduates of the 2013 Google Summer of Code program. The three months of coding flew by in an instant so I marvel at the amazing work our interns made across all areas of the platform. Hats off to our students and a huge thank you to Google for inviting us to be a part of Summer of Code once again. Apart from the dedicated efforts of our students themselves, the biggest gratitude must go to our team of mentors, Gurpreet, Michael, Udai, and Kojo who selflessly guided our interns on their journey throughout the summer. Michael Vorburger put this summer in perspective in the most beautiful and perfect of ways: 

"How amazing is it that GSoC gets four students - from Germany, from China, from Sri Lanka and from India, coached by mentors from India, Ghana, and, Switzerland - to collaborate purely in cyberspace together on adding features to a microfinance platform... the world truly is flat"


Google Summer of Code - We're Halfway Home

Put on your socks and lace up your shoes. Our Google Summer of Code interns are racing along and making amazing progress. We just passed the midterm evaluation point and all our projects are well on-target for completion. Since you all aren't a part of our weekly check-ins or daily status updates we wanted to give you a glimpse into each project and what the interns are readying by the end of the summer. We also got a nice shout-out on the Google Open Source blog

Summer's end is getting closer...Michael and Kojo are making travel arrangements to attend the GSoC Mentor Summit in Mountain View and I'm already thinking about how we can keep our priceless interns involved after this summer's program wraps up. Avik has already been evangelizing the project amongst his fellow students for a class project.

Our interns have been been enthusiastic about show-and-tell so we've got a nice collection of blog posts and screencasts to show off their hard work. 


We Call Them our A Team - Here's Y

Earlier this week we gave you a brief glimpse into the professional and academic backgrounds of our interns. You'll certainly be seeing and hearing often from our interns his summer but we wanted to share a few personal details to help you get acquainted. We asked each of them a few questions - their responses show that they're a fun-loving yet focused group that will make this summer unforgettable. 
Keith came with a clever nickname that I couldn't resist using - the "A Team". Everyone's first name begins with "A" except for Yanna. Send us your suggestions on how we can incorporate her name -apart from making the Y silent :)

When and why did you start coding?

  Anuruddha: I started when I was around 14. I got a half-scholarship to a computer diploma program; which taught me the basics of computer science. Pascal was my very first programming language. I was very excited with all the fancy things which can be done using computers from then onward I tend to develop a strong enthusiasm towards programming and all the related technological stuff.


Meet the 2013 Google Summer of Code Class of Interns

Google Summer of Code is one of the most exciting times for an open source project and community. It's a chance to inject new energy into a project and help build the next generation of coders and tech entrepreneurs that are ready to contribute to HFOSS.
We're honored to have been awarded four slots by Google for the 2013 program, the first time the Mifos project has participated since 2010.  With those four slots, we've selected an exceptional class of interns that I'm certain will provide tremendous contributions to our community as they themselves grow and learn from the awesome leaders in our community. 
GSOC 2013
Already I am wowed by the effort, enthusiasm, and talents our interns have shown even before the program has formally begun.  Despite balancing time to ace their final exams, each of the four students have already made multiple contributions to the codebase and woven themselves into the fabric of our community like they've been here for years.  One student, Anuruddha, has already nearly completed his GSoC project so we're excited for the additional work he'll be able to take on.
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