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Centering on the Client – Open and Transparent Microfinance

Across the industry there's a big movement towards deeper client protection, broader transparency, and overall fairness in the delivery of financial services to the poor. Technology should play its role in ushering in a phase of more responsible financial inclusion.  A couple recent posts from CGAP on disclosure and the Center for Financial Inclusion spurred a brainstorm I'd like our community to have on how we can better implement tools, surveys, forms, and processes in Mifos to help advance fair and responsible microfinance.  We wrote a post on the COSM blog exploring the topic. Does smarter microfinance = open source microfinance? 

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Documenting Technology Impact: Mifos ROI Model and Case Studies

Report examining the technology return on investment (ROI) realized by deploying Mifos® including a hands-on ROI tool and three in-depth case studies documenting technology ROI at four MFIs.

Technology is critical in building strong organizations that can respond nimbly to changes. It is especially important in the microfinance industry, which has grown rapidly over the past decade to serve more than 190 million people globally.  This series, undertaken through a partnership between The MasterCard Foundation and Grameen Foundation, examines the cost benefits realized by deploying Mifos® at four microfinance institutions and is a step in advancing knowledge about deploying a management information system at microfinance institutions using diverse operating models.

The report provides an actionable ROI model which any MFI can use to measure the financial benefits of their technology investment in Mifos along with three case studies in which the ROI framework was fully carried out to document the value generated by Mifos technology investment.

Each document can be viewed individually or you can access the entire series of case studies in one download (.zip)

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